Dave’s Dis N Dat To Wrap An Interesting Week:

Well it was quite a week in the world of sports…. Here is my run down from the week that was.

Welcome back KJ: Kerry Joseph at the age of 41 is appears poised to return to the starting line-up this weekend when the Riders host the Edmonton Eskimos. While I don’t know what the impact of his return to the field will be I do know that he has the confidence of the coaching staff which may allow him to throw the ball.

Don’t get Kerry’d away! For those fans that expecting a K-J in 2007 form he will be the first to admit that he will not be that player. I love his ideology that what he may have lost in speed he has gained in mental consciousness which I think will be his biggest attribute.

Rider Fans Still could get their Doubles: To be truthful I was shocked to see Darian Durant back on the field. The boys on the View from the Sidelines seemed to agree that Durant would not come back this season. The question is now should he come back if there is a possibility to re-injure his elbow.

Harsh reality: Staying with the CFL and I can’t decide if the Montreal Alouette’s release of Troy Smith was a low blow or not. You see releasing Smith after the CFL trade deadline means that he cannot be picked up by another team north of the border this season. I get the Als were trying to protect themselves against an asset coming back to bite them with another team but if they valued him that much shouldn’t they have kept paying him?

In the Nick of time? The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have gone from having a very formidable running back situation to none at all. The Bombers entered the season with veteran Will Ford and impressive rookie Nick Grigsby on the training camp roster. After losing his spot to injury a couple of weeks into the season the Bombers released Ford. Now with the team scrambling to try and salvage their season they are forced to cut Grigsby after he wanted out after getting word that he would be benched for a second consecutive week. Can’t say I blame his upset as he is number four in rushing in the league this season as a rookie.

Royal Flush for Joey Bats? I’ll be truthful and the MLB play-offs for whatever reason have not captured my attention. The one thing that has is the success of the Kansas City Royals. Not because of their 8 game winning streak to start the post-season but more because of what their success means to the Blue Jays. Toronto slugger Jose Bautista was very vocal about the team not making any moves at the trade deadline to help them make a post-season push. Well guess what Jose the Royals did nothing at the deadline and seem to have figured it out. I would point to character and leadership, both of which the Jays seriously lack.

From Milan to Minsk: Milan Lucic’s latest indiscretion was saluting the fans in Montreal with one finger and subsequently getting tossed in a one goal game. To be truthful I would take Lucic on my team in a heartbeat. He just needs to learn how not to wear his heart on his sleeve.

To the Point: I was on Shaw’s broadcast team in Moose Jaw on Wednesday night and I was thoroughly impressed by Tampa Bay draft pick Brayden Point. The game was on his stick seemingly all night and when he was on the ice he made the game exciting.

The streak: The Saskatoon Blades are going to look to build on their modest two game winning streak as they host Red Deer tonight at Sasktel Centre. The Bridge City Bunch appear to have bought into what new General Manager and Head Coach Bob Woods is selling.

And that’s it for this week. Enjoy the weekend and don’t miss the view from the sidelines this weekend!



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