Dave’s Dis N’ Dat – The Random Observation Edition

It has been an interesting week, to say the least, in the world of sports. The Huskies and Hilltops seasons came to very different closes, the 2015 Saskatchewan Roughriders season mercifully came to a conclusion while the Blades, Jays, and CFL all made news this week.

Here’s a quick look back on my thoughts from the week that was:

Huskie’s Set To Huddle Up – Last weekend’s loss in Calgary wasn’t a shocker for Brian Towriss’ Huskie football team. However, the club gave the top ranked team a run for their money and a heck of a scare. Unfortunately, for the Dogs matched up against anyone else in Canada West that effort would have given the Dogs a win. Instead, the Huskies are now starting the off season with some holes and roles to fill on defence, while the offence appears to be in good hands with some minor modifications needed on the offensive line.

Pure Class! One more on the Huskies and you have to hand it to the Dogs for the professionalism that the entire program carried itself with this season. AS my first as the play-by-play voice of the Dogs I couldn’t have anticipated a warmer reception from the staff, players and alumni. Look forward to doing it again next year.

Speaking of top drawer! Hats off to the Saskatoon Hilltops on their 18th National Championship victory over Okanagan last weekend. The Toppers have built a program from the ground up built on loyalty, trust and hard work. Those very simply are the ingredients to their success.

Heart of a champion! One more on the Hilltops and while you can and will find valiant and heroic stories from the Toppers win on the weekend none other, I think, is bigger than that of receiver Evan Turkington. The 5th year not only caught a pair of touchdown passes but overcame an injury that would have sidelined a ton of other competitors in his spot. Well done Turk!

C’mon CJFL – with the Canadian Junior Football League and their executive meeting in Saskatoon I hope the league talked about promotion. It’s like owning the world’s greatest car. No one will know or care unless you tell them about it! I’m not pointing the finger solely at the CJFL but if a sporting group is relying on their social media and own websites to spread their media message to “control,” their message it is tough to spread the word. It’s interesting to me that some of those same groups openly question why they don’t receive the coverage they feel they deserve.

Speaking of spreading the word – I am so excited for the Fivestones Films, “A Winning Tradition.” The 90 minute documentary featuring in the Hilltops in their quest for National Championships in 2013 and 2014 will premiere Wednesday November 25 and 26th at the Roxy. It is going to be good!

Head Honcho Time – The Saskatchewan Roughriders laid out their plans for hiring a new General Manager and Head Coach yesterday. The plan is to have that person in place by mid-December. A number of observers are placing their money on Jeremy O’Day being given a shot. I like the idea of going with J-O but it would be interesting to know who made the short-list.

Startling Numbers – Staying with the CFL and television ratings are down by 15% this season. Is the league worried?No! Should they be? Yes!

Bye Bye Skydome – I got a kick out of the Toronto Argonauts saying goodbye to their home at Skydome in their final home game last weekend. Why would you raise a banner to the rafters for one game? And really on a night when the Leafs, and Raptors were playing did anyone care? Will they care at BMO Field? I am not convinced.
The Blue Birds – Interesting that the Toronto Blue Jays have announced that their budget for the upcoming season will be $140-million dollars. Wonder how much of that will be used to keep a true ace on their staff?

Firing the Firebirds – If you haven’t heard the story of the Flint Firebirds team quitting after the team’s coaching staff was fired last week you have to check it out. The owner of the team was not satisfied with the playing time that his son was being given and decided to fire the coach for not following his direction. The firing prompted the entire team including the owner’s son to hand in their jerseys. That prompted the owner to hire the coaching staff back. Will it work I’m not convinced but good on the guys for standing up for what is right!

That’s all I have for today.

Enjoy the weekend!