Dave’s Dis N’ Dat: Pivotal Decision For The Riders, A Saskatoon Star Puts Her Foot Down, On The Turf

Well to say that it has been an interesting past seven days may be the understatement of the CFL season thus far. In no particular order here is a smattering of my thoughts.

– Call me the eternal optimist but seeing that Doug Flutie returned from elbow tendon surgery after seven weeks gave me a lot of hope that Saskatchewan Roughrider fans may see Darian Durant back on the field this season. That was scuttled during this week’s View From The Sidelines To hear it click here.

– I do like the confidence that Tino Sunseri has shown in Riderville this week but as they say you have to be able that you have to walk the walk.

– Is the career of BC Lions quarterback Travis Lulay over after another shoulder dislocation? You have to feel for him as in his first action since surgery he has it pop out on him again. It was interesting to say that he is drawing inspiration from Rob Bagg and the obstacles he overcame after two major knee surgeries.

– So the rumour has been scuttled of Henry Burris coming to Saskatchewan after the injury to Darian Durant. So if the Riders want to bring in someone with CFL experience the question becomes who is out there that may be available? Drew Tate in Calgary (Doubt that they would part with him to a divisional rival) Matt Nichols in Edmonton (I think for the first time since trading Ricky Ray the Eskmios are happy with the quarterback depth), Steven Jyles (He was signed by BC in the off season but didn’t show up for camp so I’m guessing he’s moved on from the game) Kerry Joseph (I think he would consider an opportunity to put on the Green and White, however, working with New Orleans in the NFL may be too good to walk away from), or maybe Troy Smith (now an afterthought in Montreal he did play well for the Als down the stretch last season and with the coaching of George Cortez there maybe something there). Interesting points to ponder.

– So with the Buffalo Bills new ownership poised to keep the Bills in New York State will Toronto football fans finally get it that if they want pigskin it’s the Argos or nothing? I doubt it but check out the View from the Sidelines and the Voice of the Argonauts Mike Hogan for his thoughts and insight as to what is happening in the Big Smoke.

– Is it too little too late for the Toronto Blue Jays. Yes they swept the horrible Chicago Cubs (as they should have) but I just don’t see them passing any of the other teams in from of them in the standings.

– More football and if you are not familiar with the Ray Rice incident in the elevator and the tape that came to light this week consider yourself lucky. The ugly image of him dragging his unconscious wife from the elevator after hitting her is disgusting! AND if the NFL knew about the video and refused to act until it was made public this week heads should roll.

– Last football and check here for a preview of this weekend’s Saskatoon Hilltops game in Edmonton. For whatever reason the Edmonton Huskies have been unable to make arrangements to facilitate a radio broadcast this weekend therefore I don’t get to go. I do not feel singled out, however, as last year the Huskies didn’t allow the Hilltop cheerleaders, who traveled the 550km on their own dime to perform, to step foot on the field.

– To hockey and Western Hockey League teams are gearing up for the start of the regular season in two weeks from today! To be truthful I haven’t seen one second of Blades training camp but I do know that they will be an interesting team to watch as most observers that I have spoken with don’t know what to expect from the club.

– More hockey and I see the NHL has decided to ban the Spin-O-Rama from shootouts and penalty shots. Long overdue if I do say so myself. If you wouldn’t do it in a game why should it be part of some of the most pivotal moments in the contest?

– The tweet of the keep comes from Roberto Luongo’s Strombone1 account where he asks, “Can we keep the spin-o-rama and ban the shootout instead.”

– Has Saskatoon’s darling Kaylyn Kyle gotten in over her head? The great ambassador of our city has signed an endorsement deal with FieldTurf. The move comes in the midst of a movement to get next summer’s Woman’s World Cup of Soccer moved from Canada because the tournament will be played on the artificial surface instead of grass like the men. For the record none of the Canadian soccer players have spoken out on the subject, however, discrimination is being claimed by a number of athletes from other competing nations. End story good on Kyle for raising her profile to the point where she can be considered for the endorsement.

That’s it for this week enjoy the weekend!


One Response to Dave’s Dis N’ Dat: Pivotal Decision For The Riders, A Saskatoon Star Puts Her Foot Down, On The Turf

  1. Doug w. says:

    who ever thought that Burris would be a fitting replacement for the Riders at this juncture must be nuts. Burris is a crybaby,Burris has had his day and is on the way out now. The Riders should be nurturing their young QBs, Tino should be a good one as he ages and adds experience. Hope DD does come back this year, but, look at Lulay,maybe back too soon and his career could be done as well: I still think he poped it before the hit:

    Doug W

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