Dave’s Dis N’ Dat: On Game Day!

Well here we go with my scattered thoughts from the last seven days in the world of sports..

Start off with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Green and White will look to break into the win column against the team I feel is the best in the entire league, the Edmonton Eskimos. The Eskies defence is ferocious, their offence will come around with the return of Mike Reilly from the injured list and Grant Shaw seems to have found consistency and is playing well in the kicking game.

More on the Riders and is it time for Brendan Taman to make a pivotal decision? Darian Durant is done for the year. Kevin Glenn likely won’t come back. So is it time to try and swing a deal for a QB that has had at least some CFL success? (Trevor Harris, Thomas DeMarco, Johnathan Crompton, etc.) To be honest I think the Riders need to give Brett Smith and possibly Tino Sunseri. It’s not so much in fairness to the players though. But rather the Riders have invested in the players by developing and grooming them. Now is the time to see if that investment has paid off.

Will the Riders win? Not many are giving them a shot at tough Commonwealth Stadium. However, I think it’s a case of now or never. Can the team circle the wagons and come out firing on all cylinders? OR will they fall flat similarly to how they did last year after Darian Durant went down? Honestly I have no idea which way it will go but I do know that it all starts with the Rider ‘D’.

Last one on the Riders the players aren’t throwing in the towel on the season, obviously. The question is who can the Riders pass to make the post-season? With there being no cross-over to the East this season the Green and White will need to surpass two western teams to get in. Who can they catch. I would speculate that BC is a candidate but with the Lions sweeping the Riders already this year that means a season series loss for Saskatchewan which could be tough to overcome. So who is next? Winnipeg? Calgary?

Under the heading of they are who we thought they were. The BC Lions after a couple of wins over the Riders have proven an inability to make adjustments and move the ball consistently offensively. In my mind the Offensive Line of the Leos needs a make-over and the receivers an attitude adjustment.

More from the CFL and the Baltimore Stallions celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Grey Cup win this week. The pictures from the event are impressive. What I still can’t figure is did the successful expansion of the CFL to Baltimore help or hinder the league as there is no doubt the failings in Memphis, Sacramento, and Las Vegas almost bankrupt the league.

Last one from the CFL and I took the officials quiz from the CFL website. Firstly I was able to score 32 correct answers. Secondly I could never been an official as the wording of some of those questions is downright nasty. I was hoping for a video clue at some point.

To football south of the border and the whole deflate-gate story with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots is fascinating. The Pats accepted a fine for reducing the pressure inside footballs to allow Brady to grip them easier in last year’s play-offs. The Pats accepting of the loss of draft picks and $1-million seems to me to be a clear admission of guilt. However, now that the four-game suspension of Brady has been upheld the team wants a re-do! I’m not sure that’s going to happen. What I do know is that in conversation with the Saskatchewan Roughriders equipment guys they told me that Darian Durant would be able to feel the slightest discrepancy as far as a ball’s pressure in an instant. To me that means that Brady knew he was cheating and should be punished accordingly.

Under the heading your damned if you do… Toronto Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthopolis is being praised for going all in with the acquisitions of pitcher David Price and short-stop Troy Tulowitzki. We obviously won’t know for a long time who won the deals. However, Jose Bautista’s reaction to the first deal (trading away his buddy Jose Reyes to Colorado) seemed selfish and undermining to his GM. With that being said I think Joey bat’s days in TO are numbered.

As far as I am concerned with the trade’s the Price for three players is curious. Realistically Price will play in 11 games for you down the stretch. With the powerful offence the Jays have wouldn’t it have made sense to get a couple of reliable, dependable, inning-eating pitchers for the price of Price to have more of an impact.

What have the trades done already? Well yes the Jays have won back-to-back since the first acquisition on Tuesday. BUT there seems to be a new professionalism and focus around the club. Observation number one was when Tulowitzki was called out on a close pitch instead of griping and complaining like some of the more senior Jays (Bautista, Encarnacion) he simply turned on his heel and headed back to the dugout.

Observation number two when the Jays are getting on base they seem to have given up on the stupid “Stirring the Pot,” motion that they have been making throughout the season. Instead it’s a situation of get on base and figure out a way to score. In other words act like you’ve had a hit before.

Finally today the news from Saskatoon this week was that the Canadian Mixed Doubles are coming to the Bridge City. The new Olympic sport is starting to get some buzz in the curling world. My reaction, however, (and excuse my ignorance) hasn’t doubles and mix been a part of curling since the game was created?

That’s it for today.

Enjoy the Long Weekend!