Dave’s Dis N Dat on Doege Day!

It’s been another interesting seven days here are some random thoughts to wrap up the week.
– Seth Doege has a chance to be a hero! The rookie Rider pivot can elevate himself to the status of Rocky Butler if he can lead the Green and White to a big win over their nemesis from Calgary.

– Why do the Stamps always seem to fall short? In my opinion it has to do with over confidence. Quarterback Drew Tate calling out offensive coordinator Dave Dickensen, even though Drew says he was kidding, is a kick in the teeth to the coaching staff and the latest discretion from a team that crosses the line to cocky far to often.

– Another thought on Drew Tate and if he doesn’t see the writing on the wall he is the only one. He is being paid starter money and is no longer the starter in Calgary which to me means that his tenure there is going to be short. Many observers fully believe that he will be in Montreal next year and to be truthful his stock is diminishing weekly.

– Speaking of falling stock does that describe Jose Bautista? Joey Bats was very critical of the Jays for not making any moves prior to the MLB trade deadline. Well this week reporter Steve Simmons of the Toronto Star called him out pointing out that Kansas City didn’t make any moves and were able to make it to the post season. Bautista didn’t like that a shot back, however, I don’t think he has much ground to stand on.

– So who will take the fall for another play-off-less MLB season in Toronto? Well the Jays have said that General Manager Alex Anthopolis will be back next season, so does the axe fall on his hire, Manager John Gibbons? In my humble opinion I don’t think it will but it should.

– On the ice the Saskatoon Blades have now dealt or released 10 players since the end of the pre-season. Not sure what to make of this aside from the fact that new General Manager and Head Coach Bob Woods is definitely shaping the roster as he sees it. Will it pay off? Only time will tell but ownership have given him all the confidence in the world and are giving him the ball to run with. The only question is how long until we see the fruits of his labour?

– The NHL is about to drop the puck on another season. I can honestly say it’s tough for me to get excited about the new season on the ice. Off the ice, well that’s another story. Rogers is ready to roll out anything and everything to hook the audience to get more eyes on their sets to sell more ads. It is going to be interesting to see if they can combat what TSN was providing prior to this.

– That’s it for this week. Enjoy the weekend, DT.

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