Dave’s Dis N’ Dat on a Frosty Friday!

Well the arctic air continues to descend upon the Bridge City but that isn’t stopping us… In no particular order here are some random thoughts from the week that was in the world of sports.

Perception is everything! While we here in Saskatoon are (rightly so) applauding the Saskatoon Blades and Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon for the Team Up for Respect game on Monday morning at Sasktel Centre, some in the Queen City aren’t exactly enthralled with the idea. Reading some media posts and fan forums there are numerous questions about having a game that early in the day and messing with the player’s game clocks. Truth be told when planning the event the Blades realized the toll that the idea may have on their opponents, that’s why they offered the Pats the opportunity to host a similar game in the Queen City with the Blades as the opposition. For whatever reason the idea didn’t materialize in Regina hence the home-and-home early game series never materialized. 20150224_122812

In The Words of Guns N’ Roses all we need is a little patience! Those were also the words of Saskatoon Blades owner Mike Priestner. Mr. Priestner was in Saskatoon for the Monday morning game and then along with GM and Head Coach Bob Woods went in front of ticket holders and media in a State of The Blades address on Tuesday. While Priestner did admit that the team will be in the red ink again this year, he did reiterate his intention to remain patient with the rebuild process and hopefully within three years have the Blades back in contention in the East. One of the ways that the Blades staff believe will help them get back on track is through scouting and all those who spoke alluded to the extraordinary amount of scouting that the team is now doing.

What are you doing Nic? Nic Lewis ended his run with the Calgary Stampeders signing on with the Montreal Alouettes this week. I like the signing for Montreal as long as they know what they are getting. Lewis is still a dependable receiver that will lead in the locker room and be vocal in doing so which is what the Als need with a young offense lead by Jonathan Crompton. That being said there are many in Riderville that are happy that he won’t end up in Green and White. I get the sentiment due to the rivalry with the Stamps. However, Lewis is a professional and in my interactions with the future hall of famer they have been nothing but insightful and accommodating.
The Boys of Summer… In the midst of the winter cold it is fun to see the Toronto Blue Jays and the rest of Major League Baseball teams hit the field for spring training. The Jays have already suffered a loss with starting Left-Fielder Michael Saunders out until after the all-star break after tearing up his knee on a sprinkler head. Truthfully, I am not sure what the season will hold for the Jays and especially their rotation. That being said I am the eternal optimist.

I feel the need, the need for speed. No I am not talking about racing. I am talking about racing I’m talking about baseball trying to speed up the game with new rules for pitchers and batters. I, like most, am all for speeding up the game but am a tad skeptical that this will work.

Falling Leafs! If I am a Toronto Maple Leaf fan I am awarding keys to the city for General Manager Dave Nonis. He was somehow able to move the contract of David Clarkson, who to say he has been underperforming is the understatement of the day. Now can he do something with Dion Phaneuf and/or Phil Kessel to help clear cap space and inject some youth into the system.

Lastly the thought of the week… from one of those I follow on twitter: “I hope Toronto gets Connor McDavid and he turns into another Alexandre Daigle!” Wow there was a big draft bust. So the question is the biggest bust of all time? Well he was alive unlike the dead players that have been selected in other sports leagues.

Oh and speaking of questions be sure to vote on the new poll on the right hand side. My vote went to Calgary….

Sorry, Rider Nation!

Enjoy the weekend and stay warm!