Dave’s Dis N’ Dat on A Friday:

What so much to say and seemingly so little time to do it. It has been an incredible week past seven days. Here are some random thoughts from the week that was.

Where’s Darian? I hate to say that I had this thought prior to a caller into our radio station but while it was terrific that Darian Durant helped a family out attending a fundraiser in Saskatoon on Sunday I wonder why he wasn’t with the team in Ottawa. Last season when Durant hurt his elbow he also travelled back home to rehab. Brett Smith, Keith Price, etc could have benefitted from his coaching.

At the other end of the spectrum Kevin Glenn was on the sidelines for the Green and White so perhaps it was redundant for Doubles to be there.

I also should admit that I came into the week thinking that the Riders had hit rock bottom after their loss to Ottawa on Sunday. It was clear that not everyone was on the same page and I was expecting some form of shake-up. I was totally shocked though that the Riders canned Head Coach Corey Chamblin and General Manager Brendan Taman.

Both for the record are quality individuals and facing the injury challenges that the team has faced all season I thought that they would get the remainder of the season to try and fix the Green and White.

That being said the writing was perhaps on the wall for the pair. As CEO Craig Reynolds explained to the media the team’s record in the last 17 games was 2-and-15. So obviously change was needed.

What will the future hold for the Riders? I think that Jeremy O’Day will be given every opportunity to step into the role vacated by Taman. As for Bob Dyce, I think that he will bring an immediate climate change to the locker room. However, you know that Craig Reynolds desk will be full of applications for the vacant job. Or will it?
Had a great conversation on coffee row this week. The debate, is Saskatchewan a desired location for Head Coaches? I’m leaning towards the no side as in no other market, like Montreal in the NHL, are decisions scrutinized like they are here. It is impossible to fly under the radar in Regina and it is going to take a very special individual to take on the position. Unfortunately, the ideal candidate may be on the sideline in Hamilton.

Not the ideal candidate was Tino Suneri. I think the Riders did the right thing in cutting bait with the Penn State alumni as it seemed abundantly clear that he was not going to become the Rider Quarterback of the future, or as the case is now, the present.

One more name to throw out. Eric Tillman will definitely get some consideration to return to the Riders. Two questions; One will the community receive him? Second is how much did he do to secure a championship for the 2007 team. Essentially the roster was in place his big move was to bring in Kent Austin as Head Coach. Also, let’s not forget that the was ridden out of town in Edmonton in short order after not being able to turn the once flag ship franchise around. Interesting points to ponder.

Turing to the Saskatoon Hilltops and what a dominant team. The club is 3-and-oh on the season and played their reserves for half of their dominating win last week against Winnipeg. Yes it’s a veteran group, which seems to be the knock from some in the PFC, BUT they are playing like a veteran group which is the result of a great foundation.

Speaking of the Saskatoon Hilltops the question was asked in Toon Town this week as to whether or not Tom Sargent would be a good fit to lead the Saskatchewan Roughriders. It’s hard to ignore the amount of success that he has had while at the helm of the Hilltops. That being said Sarge is a family first man. Whether that’s his wife Kris and his daughters or the Saskatoon Hilltops or the staff and students at the High School he is principal at for him to turn make a major shift would take an awful lot. He has spent a lifetime building relationships in the Saskatoon area and when it comes to the responsibility of running the Hilltops or overseeing the largest school in Saskatchewan Sarge doesn’t take those lightly. There is no doubt in my mind that he could succeed at that level but as they cliché says, “timing is everything!”

I cannot describe the excitement that I have for tonight’s Saskatchewan Huskie broadcast. The first non-conference was a preseason affair for the Huskies and the broadcasters. Tonight’s game is going to be outstanding with an anticipated crowd of 8000+ the dog pound will be rocking. A preview of the tilt will be here later this afternoon.

Staying with Canada West Football and the announcement of a national TV deal for the Hardy Cup play-offs is outstanding. Yes radio pays my bills but the national exposure that will be afforded to the conference will be huge in recruiting and building the popularity of the sport. The 16 camera full HD production is going to be outstanding.

To the majors and how about those Toronto Blues Jays? There are a lot of signs pointing to the play-off drought coming to an end for the Jays but they haven’t secured a spot there yet! I still think that the Jays Achilles heel is going to be their ability to hit in the clutch which even MVP Josh Donaldson has come up short on this season. Time will tell but here’s hoping that perhaps Tulo can turn things around for the last month of the season.

One more on the Jays and Marcus Stroman continues his miraculous return from a devastating spring training knee injury. He is expected to make a start this weekend in Triple-A before returning to the majors. It’s a nice problem to have trying to find a spot for him in the bullpen or rotation. That being said I think the Jays need to be EXTREMELY cautious. With all the pitchers the Jays gave up in their pre-trade-deadline deals he is the present and the future of the Jays pitching staff.

That’s it for today! Have a great weekend.