Dave’s Dis N Dat on A Friday: AND Are You Kidding Me Fight Club?

Wow, what a week it was in the world of sports.

Here’s my look at the good bad and ugly from the week that was in the world of sports.

Tino Time! There are a lot of positives that can be taken from Tino Sunseri’s performance in the Riders overtime win over Ottawa last week. The question I have was it the scheme in the second half that made him successful, his own personal comfort level or the fact that he was playing a 1-and-10 team?

BIG Game For Horrible People: The Edmonton Eskimos advertising campaign calling Rider Fans horrible people was a little low brow for me. However, the game’s importance is HUGE. A Rider win and they have the inside track to a home play-off game. An Eskimo win and all of a sudden they are on even footing with the Green and White.

More Horrible People: As for the actual campaign the Horrible People comment is doing what it intended to do and that’s draw more fans to the game and with nearly 50,000 people expected it’s a win for the Eskimos no matter how they are perceived.

Don’t Miss It: Stay tuned for Gizmo Williams coming up this weekend. His conversation on The View From The Sidelines was priceless this week including his story of arriving in Canada faster than anyone else and getting heckled by an old lady at Taylor Field.

Don’t Miss It Part 2: The U of S Huskies will play the U of R Rams tomorrow afternoon in what may be the final meeting between Brian Towriss and Frank McCrystal, who has announced his retirement at the end of the season. No matter the outcome I would love to be a fly on the wall when they shake hands a the end of the game.

Don’t Miss It Part 3: The Saskatoon Hilltops will host their annual Family Day on Sunday a Saskatoon Minor Football Field. Bring out the whole family for a great afternoon of football in the new-look facility. Additionally, youngsters will be entered for a prize with a free gift for the first kids through the gates. Kick-off Sunday is at 1pm. I will have the play-by-play of the game starting on CJWW at 12:30.

Personal Moment of the Week: I had an amazing time with the Saskatchewan Roughrider alumni at their second annual Saskatoon golf tournament. It blew my mind that the alumni pay to play in these events that raise money for minor football, among other charities, around the province. Regardless it was amazing to have a few moments with Rider President and CEO Jim Hopson to share some memories of my former phys-ed teacher and his friend Len Williams. Swapping stories was outstanding and still has me giggling.

Goodbye Captain: Derek Jeter went out in style with a walk-off RBI in his final game at Yankee Stadium last night. The retiring captain of the Bronx Bombers couldn’t have written a better script for his final game.

So Would You Be Upset? Following the game last night Jeter announced that he hoped to only Pinch Hit or be the Designated Hitter this weekend in the team’s season finale in Boston. He apologized to the Red Sox fans who may not get a chance to see him saying that he preferred to end his career at Yankee Stadium. Playing Devil’s Advocate and what about the fans from around North America who purchased tickets to see him playing his final game? Buyer beware?

Hi My Name Is? The Saskatoon Blades continue to tinker with their roster pulling off a blockbuster dealing their leading scorer from a year ago to Everett. They also are looking for leadership pieces in overagers from around the WHL. It will be interesting to see if the team can come together in light of these moves and find a win to get into the win column this weekend.

Fight Club? I don’t get this but this week at Calgary Flames training camp the team was practicing how to fight. I am absolutely serious! Flames Head Coach Bob Hartley, who has been accused of forcing his players to fight, is now teaching it to his younger players so that they can defend themselves. What a joke! This should be exhibit ‘A’ for players in their brain injury class-action law suit against the NHL. Wow!

That’s it for this week. Please be sure to check out the View From The Sidelines this weekend.


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