Dave’s Dis N’ Dat On A Finally Friday Morning!

Wow what a week it’s been and with a bit of a reflection here are my musings to take you into the weekend.

Talk about a big win! It has been said that good teams find ways to lose while great teams find ways to win! That seems to fit when looking at the Saskatchewan Roughriders victory over Winnipeg last night. No disrespect to the Bombers but they couldn’t find a way to put the Riders away despite shutting down the Green and White’s offence in the first half.

Two things need to be cleaned up by the Riders. Firstly the penalties have got to stop! I didn’t like the way the Riders got into it with the Bombers in the warm-up and during player introductions. To me that’s bush league stuff and that emotion was never harnessed by the Riders biting them in the pants a number of times.

Secondly, Chris Milo needs to find some consistency in a hurry for the Riders. Two more missed field goals and some short kick-offs are hurting the team.

On the other side of the coin, how about Mike O’Shea! The Bombers new coach is so tuned in that it is scary. His preparation has been outstanding and when he was able to influence a penalty call against Rider’s centre Dominic Picard on a short yardage play was impressive. O’Shea knows his stuff and his Bombers have bought in all he needs is for his offensive line to get healthy and keep Drew Willy upright.

Have you heard? If you haven’t heard Kerry Joseph on this week’s View From The Sidelines be sure to check it out. To be honest he blew me away when he shared his thoughts, for the first time, on being traded by Saskatchewan to Toronto. Amazing insight!

More CFL and what is Tom Higgins doing? Already with a coaching in waiting behind him he decides to call out Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. The former NFL receiver trying to find his way in the CFL and hasn’t had great numbers to start the season. However, last I checked you need someone to actually throw you the ball to get those numbers and that’s something the Als don’t have.

Back at home I’m truly impressed with the Saskatoon Hilltops. Yes this will be my first season calling the Toppers full-time but the way that the organization conducts itself on and off the field has been nothing but first class. I look forward to working with the rest of the league as the season kicks-off with three games next week.

On a different field, the tweet of the week comes from former colleague Cameron Birnie who sent out this gem after Brett Lawrie was once again injured in his return to the Jays line-up from a broken finger. “Safe to say Brett Lawrie isn’t a threat to break Cal Ripken’s Iron Man streak…#Jays”

Meanwhile, the Jays let a glorious opportunity slip through their fingers. J.A. Happ was sensational in 8+ innings last night for the Jays. However, the Blue Birds still dropped a 2-1 decision to the Orioles! Wonder if Jose Bautista is still upset they didn’t make a move at the deadline. He’s been dreadful since making those comments at the deadline.

Last thought on the Blue Jays and I wonder who will last longer in Toronto Bautista or Anthopolis?

Can’t believe that we are two weeks away from WHL training camps. Yikes!

I went out to Gordie Howe Bowl this week. There appears to be a long way to go before the turf is ready to be played on but you already can see the excitement and change that the project is generating.
That’s it for today! Enjoy the weeknd!


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