Dave’s Dis N’ Dat From Oil Leaks To Grey Cups It’s Here This Week:

Here are my random thoughts from the week that was in the world of sports.

Congratulations to Tim Kroeker named the Lineman for the Grey Cup on Sunday. This will be the Saskatoon native’s third appearance in a Championship game. Well done.

Some are not as enthralled with the selection of Andre Proulx as Head Referee. I caught a great interview with the Voice of the Riders Rod Pedersen and CFL Official Supervisor Ken Pickett. Pickett pointed out how highly Proulx graded out during every game that he worked this season. At the end of the day isn’t that what we want, the best presiding over the league’s signature game? I know that I have stated it here before but Proulx doesn’t get a lot of respect because he is working in his second language. If he were allowed to work the game and make the announcements in French I would be willing to bet he would get a lot more credit for the job he does.

Staying with the CFL and good things happen to good people. Congratulations to outgoing Roughrider President and CEO Jim Hopson. He was recognized by the CFL and awarded the Hugh Campbell distinguished leadership award. It isn’t hard to spot the successes that he has engineered both on and off the field for the Riders. What is sometimes is often overlooked is the commitment that he has shown to community. Mr. Hopson represents the team across the province and has a unique ability to listen and learn from people. His ability to hear a person’s story and become engaged and invested in their thoughts is a remarkable quality and it is just one of many things that Rider fans and people of the province of Saskatchewan will miss when he retires.

Staying with football and I read an interesting blog out of Winnipeg this week focusing on what the new Commissioner of the CFL should look at brining to the position. The most interesting was forcing teams to disclose the contract terms of their players. His argument was that it would bring added interest to the league particularly in the off-season. It’s an interesting thought and one that should be explored especially considering the lengths that fans and media alike have to go through in order to figure out who is going to be a free-agent at the end of the season.

To hockey and I must say that the situation in Edmonton amuses me. Images out of Edmonton this week have been priceless from new billboards that are going up around the teams home arena to new coach hirings:

Lowes Gotta GoOilers Dumb N Dumber

MrBean Coach

All that being said the Oilers are building a brand new arena and tickets are becoming a tougher sell in the Alberta capital. That all adds up to pressure on General Manager Craig McTavish to make a move and do something to shake up his roster. Unfortunately, every other executive in hockey knows that and they are not going to give anything away. Maybe Edmonton is holding out for a shot at Connor McDavid?

One more thought on the NHL and how about the job that Climax Saskatchewan’s Willie Desjardins has done in Vancouver? The rookie NHL coach has rejuvenated a veteran club and has the Canucks in second place in the uber competitive Pacific Division.

Back at home the WHL sometimes just doesn’t get it. Having a team ride a bus all night to play a game less than 14 hours after returning home tarnishes the product. The teams won’t use that excuse but I will! The Blades hosting Moose Jaw a night after a big overtime win in Brandon takes an amazing toll on the body. The Blades as you can imagine didn’t have a lot of gas in the tank which is unfortunate as it cheated them out of an opportunity to compete against a divisional opponent. Additionally, it cheated the fans, who are asked to shell out their hard earned money, watching an exhausted team play.

That being said I really like some of the things that I am seeing from the Blades. Yes, they are in the middle of a rebuild but the aura around the team seems to be really good. The club was loose and relaxed on the bench and seemed to be having fun despite not having a lot of results to show for their efforts. The team’s General Manager and Head Coach Bob Woods really has his pulse on the team providing not only reinforcement of the message and systems that he is trying to implement when things go wrong but also using positive messages and a sharp sense of humour to make sure the team remains relaxed

Lastly, my prediction for Grey Cup 102. I truly think that this game isn’t going to be the classic that many believe it will be. I believe that the Stampeders have been dominant all season and the fact that they have been very subdued and humble this week makes them that much more dangerous. Hamilton is improving but I truly believe that the Stamps in a controlled environment will ride to a two score victory on Sunday.

That’s it for today! Enjoy the weekend.


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