Dave’s Dis N’ Dat: Dinos Extinct, Riders Look To Mr. Jones? C’mon CFL

Another seven days has passed in the world of sports. With my take on all things sporting here’s today’s Dis N’ Dat…

CFL Concern 1 – Only 26,306 took in the West Semi-Final last Sunday at McMahon Stadium between Calgary and B.C. For those keeping score that’s just 57% of capacity. It didn’t look good on TV and definitely didn’t look good for the Stamps financial statement.

CFL Concern 2 – Less than 1-million people watched either the East or West Final. That’s a big problem with the league relying on TV money from TSN.

Mr. Jones and me? The Saskatchewan Roughriders search for their next General Manager continues and while a number of people are looking to Calgary and John Huffnagel to perhaps fill a dual role of GM and Head Coach, I wonder if the Green and White won’t look up the road to Edmonton. Chris Jones has brought the Edmonton Eskimos back into prominence and he has some personnel experience, serving as the Assistant General Manager in Toronto. Have to wonder if the Riders won’t give him a call when the Riders season is over.

Good or Bad In Riderville? I’m not sure the answer to this question so I will pose it to ponder. Is coaching-managing in Regina a coveted position? It’s kind of like NHL brass in Montreal or Toronto where every breath you take is scrutinized. Not sure if that is an attraction or a detraction.

Blake Nill to Riderville? Watching the Hardy Cup broadcast last Saturday from Calgary where the Dinos were upset by UBC, good friend Jim Mullin openly mused whether Nill may not be a fit in the CFL and in particular Regina. Good question. I bet he may get some consideration especially if the T-Birds with the Vanier Cup.

Dinos undoing: So how did the top team in the nation get upset in the Hardy Cup Final last week? Well the lone chink the armour of the University of Calgary that I saw in three games was the Dinos lack of discipline. Bad penalties and panic set in, in last week’s final. Having said that UBC was full marks for their victory. However, if it was a best of three or two game total point series I could see the outcome being entirely different.

I like lists: Back to the CFL for a moment can anyone tell me why the league doesn’t release the list of upcoming free-agents? With TV numbers suffering and attendance a concern, the more fans talking about the league and their teams,’ even if they have been eliminated from the season, is better. No such thing as bad publicity.

JD = MVP: No doubt that Josh Donaldson is the Most Valuable Player in the American League. I don’t get how 7 of 30 voters didn’t give him first place votes. Time now for the Jays to pony up and sign him long term even if it comes at the expense of Jose Bautista.

Gimmick Time: The NHL’s decision to play a 3-on-3 All-Star game is a gimmick on a gimmick. BUT until fans stop attending the game or tuning in finding a way to keep the game afloat is a priority.

That’s it for today. Enjoy the weekend!