Dave’s Dis N’ Dat And The Week That Was: You Know Why I’m Here!

Well the lead up to Superbowl is in full swing and to say it has been a dull past seven days in the world of sports, would be an understatement.
So, without further ado here’s my take on the week that was:

The Bonehead of the week award has to go to Marshawn Lynch…. The talented Seattle running-back made a fool of himself when he announced to reporters that the only reason that he was at media day was, “You know why I’m here, so I won’t get fined!” He then continued to answer any question coming his way for the same response for five plus minutes. I get it you don’t want to be there or do the media availability but guess what Marshawn? We all don’t like everything we have to do for our job. So grin and bear it!

When it comes to the Superbowl my head says New England but my heart wants Seattle to repeat. Unfortunately, my head usually wins out.

Love the move by the Saskatchewan Roughriders this week to acquire the talented but injury-prone Cory Watson.
The National receiver will provide much needed experience to the Rider receiver corp. and he will allow the Riders to further adjust the ratio.

What might that ratio adjustment be? Well with the Riders releasing Dominic Picard and yet to resign Ben Heenan perhaps the Green and White are preparing to add another American offensive lineman.

One more on Watson, and I wonder if the Bombers #81 will dawn the same jersey number in Green and White? To be truthful I think the Riders should consider retiring Ray Elgaards number. It didn’t quite look right on Geroy Simon and perhaps now is the time to hang it up for good.

If you check out the poll on the right at this moment 60% of Rider nation feel that it is more important to re-sign Weston Dressler over Ben Heenan! I was encouraged to hear Assistant Rider G-M Jeremy O’Day say that talks are intensifying between the Riders and Dressler. I’m just not sure that I agree with Weston’s value being ahead of Heenan’s.

The Riders weren’t the only one adding to their receivers this week. Montreal inked pending free-agent S.J. Green to a new deal. Following the news I found the tweet from @CFL_News very interesting. It announced that the deal made Green the highest paid pass catcher in the CFL surpassing…. Chris Getzlaf? I would have never dreamed that, if it is true.

Wondering who the highest paid receiver in the league is had me once again contemplating why the CFL doesn’t disclose contract details. While I think it would add some intrigue from fans I had a very definitive answer from a former player. He told me that simply put if American recruits saw the disparity in salary between the NFL and CFL it could make for an obstacle in recruiting them north.

More pass gripping news from the CFL and the Hamilton Ti-Cats were able to re-up Luke Tasker yesterday. That’s a major coupe as Tasker in my mind is the spoon that stirs that offence.

AND the BC Lions hopped into the receiver free-agent pool with both feet signing former Indianapolis Colt and National receiver Austin Collie. He too is a ratio changer if he can get past his concussion issues. The bigger issue in Vancouver may be who is going to throw him the ball?

Back to the Superbowl and the CRTC has ruled that Canadians will get a chance to see SuperBowl commercials from the states. So if you watch the game on an American Network you will see what the US does starting in 2017. TV is of course crying foul maybe they will need to find some better content of their own so we continue to support them?

To hockey and Martin Brodeur announced his retirement yesterday. Immediately, hockey insiders dubbed him as the best to ever play the position. I’m not sure that I would go that far. I do smell a poll coming on though.

Meanwhile, it was pretty cool that Prime Minister Harper tweeted out his congratulations to Marty on his retirement. Good thing the falling dollar isn’t consuming all of his time.

More NHL news and Eric Francis hit the nail on the head. The “C” of red is clamouring for the Flames to make a deal with Los Angeles Kings to acquire over-paid forward Mike Richards to add some offence. While there may be some upside to making a deal, Calgary reporter Eric Francis hit the nail on the head. He asked the question, “Why would the Flames make a deal to help out a divisional opponent, not to mention a team that they are battling with for a play-off spot with?”

Also with hockey, and I wonder if there wasn’t some disappointment deep within the concrete at Sasktel Centre yesterday. The buzz since I moved to Saskatoon was that down inside the dark hollows of the building has been the desire of some to attract an American Hockey League franchise to Saskatoon. The bargaining chip that was most often brought up was the proximity to Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg and the ability to “call-up” a prospect at a moment’s notice not to mention keeping an eagle eye on their development. The AHL’s announcement of a Pacific Division, yesterday, shows that the league has little interest in venturing into Western Canada, especially after the flawed foray into Abbotsford. Sorry Saskatoon the Blades will have to do.

Speaking of the Blades nice to see the team string together some victories and reap some reward for their hard work. That work ethic is going to keep a number of supporters coming back!