Dave’s Dis N’ Dat And Missed Opportunities:

Another seven days have come and gone and here’s my take on the week that was in the world of sports and some big missed opportunities!

Start in Lethbridge where the shareholders of the Hurricanes voted 68% in favor of selling the WHL franchise to private owners. The club’s charter stated that they needed a 75% vote in order to move forward with a sale. So, the team will remain community owned and try to find a way out of a six figure deficit. Was it a missed opportunity?

Speaking of missed opportunities the WHL had an opportunity to come down on the Calgary Hitmen who send General Manager and VP of Business Operations Mike Moore to vote at the Lethbridge meeting on their behalf. How the Hitmen have shares in the Lethbridge Hurricanes is an interesting question. More interesting is how the WHL has chosen to turn the cheek on a big market team trying to influence a smaller market team. Especially a team that could affect the market value of a franchise within the league.

At the other end of the spectrum the Hurricanes should be applauded for their hire of Brent Kisio as their new Head Coach. The son of Kelly, has worked his way up through the hockey ranks and the coaching staff of the Hitmen. He is a personable straight-shooter that is going to do very well in Lethbridge. Congrats Brent you are going to do very well.

Back to missed opportunities and has the WHL missed a chance to help the Kootenay Ice? The league has said that the Ice franchise and their future is in a “critical stage.” The team signed a long term lease hoping to strengthen their commitment to the community but the move has had dismal returns at the gate. Should the WHL have played hardball earlier?

To the NHL and what is the best way to sum up game one of the Stanley Cup final on Wednesday night? Zzzzzzzzzz. When a team can go 42 minutes without a shot on a goal and still be in a hockey game it is pretty sad. Here’s hoping game two is better tomorrow night.

One more missed opportunity from the world of hockey and what is the SJHL thinking? The league held their first ever bantam draft yesterday and there is no messaging from the league anywhere about it! If you build it they will come and if you promote it fans will follow it. Especially if some background on players selected was provided. Good on the Saskatoon Amateur Hockey Association for sending out a release not only to promote the event but ensure some deserving players in the Bridge City got some well-earned recognition.

To football and CFL training camps are all about opportunities and some players are making the most of them. Here in Saskatoon a missed opportunity may be from the Track and Field Community. Regina media has been roasting the U of S track and Field team for getting out on the track prior to the end of Rider work-out sessions. However, since turf was installed at Griffiths Stadium the track community has been looking for a place to build a track with a proper infield and a (much-needed) upgraded track. Maybe this would have been a chance for the organizers to start a campaign for the build.

One more lost opportunity and for my money the Toronto Blue Jays missed an opportunity to send a message to their slugger and the entire team. Earlier this week in Washington Jose Bautista showed up an umpire, again, by giving the slow clap after he was called out for committing to a third strike swing. If I’m the manager of the Jays I sit Bautista to send a message to him and the team that we are done with the individual play and are going to come together as a team. But that’s just me.

That’s it for today.

Have a great weekend.