Dave’s Dis N’ Dat: An Assist For the Oilers, Fail For the CFL, And a Tip Of The Cap To Sciss!

Another week has come and gone. With that here are my random and very scattered thoughts from the week that was in the world of sports!

The Kelowna Rockets swept their way to the WHL title over the Brandon Wheat Kings, Wednesday night. Former Prince Albert Raider, and Edmonton Oiler, Leon Draisaitl was named the MVP of the play-offs. With that in mind I can’t help but wonder whether or not the Edmonton Oilers should get an assist in the Championship win? Let’s face it they largely influenced where their top prospect was going to finish the season after spending 37 games with the Oil before he was sent down to junior. We will never know the extent of the Oilers influence on the deal that saw Draisaitl leave Prince Albert for Kelowna. I still think the optics aren’t the best.

Speaking of the Prince Albert Raiders, they nabbed a good one this week! The introduction of Michael Scissons as their new Business Manager is a solid move. I had the privilege of working with Sciss during my time calling games for the Blades. Our association didn’t end there as his work in the community meant that our paths would often cross. His dedication, and commitment to the Blades brand and the community will be missed. Trumping all of that is his unique ability to make kids feel like rock stars. Whether it was the Tim Bits heading out for their game, the Junior Blade nervously getting set to take the ice or a fan waiting to meet his idol, Scissons penchant for making them feel like a star is a genuine and unique quality.

To the NHL and the final four has been set. Listening to a number of analysts and their prognostications for the conference finals, there appears to be a good chance that Anaheim and Tampa Bay will play in the final. I wonder what the league would think of that? The league final in markets that may not even know the final is going on.

To football and the CFL held their draft this past week. After being less than impressed with last year’s coverage by the host broadcaster I do want to tip my hat this year as the analysis and production value was a huge improvement. However, is there any way that the CFL could move into the old NHL on TSN studio? The analysts appeared at tad cramped at times.

More on the draft and here’s a head scratcher for you; Five athletes tested positive for banned substances at the CFL Combine and all five were selected in the draft. The positive test comes with a four-year ban from CIS football but there are no consequences in the CFL. So the message that apparently is being sent to athletes is to do whatever you can to stand out to get drafted but then please stop! A year ban and disqualification from the draft would be a better deterrent that nothing. Also what about the five athletes that weren’t selected because the five cheaters were!

More CFL news and the bad blood is boiling between Rogers, MLSE, and BMO Field. The public relations war to have MLSE purchase the Argos and move them into BMO Field is in full swing in Toronto. Twitter was a buzz earlier in the week with Larry Tanenbaum and Toronto F-C comparing numbers. It was pointed out that more people will go to a weekend of CFL action than the number that watch Toronto F.C. game on TV. (Approximately 100,000).

More CFL news and the acquisition by the Saskatchewan Roughriders of long snapper Jorgen Hus is a coup. Cory Watson, who went the other way in the deal with the Eskimos wasn’t going to start and General Manager Brendan Taman was able to maximize his expensive salary moving him to the Eskies. Not to mention, Taman’s ability to get Hus knowing that the Saskatoon native wanted to play and put his NFL dream on hold. A+

Speaking of the NFL and the whole Deflategate took on a new life with the suspension of Tom Brady and fining of the New England Patriots. Don’t get me wrong the New England Patriots cheated and should face consequences. However, don’t you think that the NFL should take some responsibility for the whole situation? It is the league that gives the game balls back to the individual teams after they have been inspected.

That’s it for today. Enjoy the long weekend!