CFL Week 7 Predictor: Well, That’s More Like It!

Not a bad week for the ole predictor in week 6. Yes, picked the BC upset over Calgary but didn’t see the Als being as bad as they are and losing to the Black and Blue Argonauts.

So, the 3-and-1 week pushes my overall record to 12-and-12.

Now, here’s a look at my prognostications for week 7.

Saskatchewan Roughriders (3-2 T4th in West) LW: 38-14 win at Ottawa
Winnipeg Blue Bombers (5-1 1st in West) LW: 27-26 win at Hamilton

Three Keys:

Willy he know the defence? Drew Willy has been nothing short of sensational under centre for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers this season. Drew has seen the Rider defence practice but as his mentor Darian Durant pointed out this week he has yet to see them at game speed. If Drew has time he can get it done.

Putting in a full 60: For whatever reason the Riders have fizzled out during football games. Starting strong but struggling to complete the sixty minute effort. Granted game situation does have something to do with that but the Bombers have proven that they will play until the last snap.

The Taj Smith… Err Mahal of the CFL: Sorry Taj! However, Investors Group Field has become the toughest ball park to play in, in the CFL. The noise factor will be huge and if the Bomber fans can do what they did in last year’s Banjo Bowl I will be huge for the home side.

Some pundits are saying are pointing out that the Bombers do not have a win outside of the Least, err the East division yet this year. However, they are a great team playing at home, despite having lost to Edmonton already this season. I think the Bombers offence can outlast a Rider defence that is coming off a short week and may be on the field a lot in this one. This is going to be a tight game and a battle to the finish. However, I’m taking the Bombers to take the two points 23-19.

Edmonton Eskimos (4-1 T2nd in West) LW: BYE
Montreal Alouettes (1-4 T2nd in East) LW: 31-5 loss vs. Toronto

Really All About Riley: Mike Reilly for my money has been the most efficient and effective quarterback in the CFL this season. His supporting cast on offence has been pretty good too. If he can continue to get time to throw the ball the Eskimos will be well on their way.

Seniors Parking at QB? So Jeff Garcia has been brought in to help mentor Troy Smith. OR has he been brought in to replace Troy Smith. At 44 years old the Als could do worse, unfortunately that worse is on their roster. The Als need to find a pivot and quick.

Someone’s Looking Over My Shoulder! If you think Troy Smith is the only one looking over his shoulder you are wrong. Head Coach Tom Higgins, hired by ownership, is being watched carefully by Don Matthews, brought in by GM Jim Popp. Higgins has to know that he is on a short leash which may affect the Als approach to this one.

THE PREDICTION: I wish that I could see a way for the Alouettes to turn things around. I just don’t see and signs of that happening unless the Eskimos implode. That isn’t going to happen! Take Edmonton in an easy 27-11 victory over the Als.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (1-4 T2nd in East) 27-26 loss vs. Winnipeg
B.C. Lions (3-3 T4th in West) 25-24 win at Calgary

Three Keys:

Gable on the ground: For whatever reason the Hamilton offence isn’t giving C.J. Gable a chance to get the ball and run with it. When the team was most effective they put the ball in his hands by handing it to him in the backfield or with short passes. The Ti-Cats have to get back to that.

In Glenn we trust: Kevin Glenn will go back under centre despite completing a lot of passes to the opposition. Glenn doesn’t need to do anything but manage the game for the Lions.

What time is it Mr. Austin? A late game in Vancouver is a middle of the night game for Hamilton. That time change works to the Lions advantage and the Tiger-Cats have to find a way to overcome that three hour time change.

THE PREDICTION: Playing in Vancouver has been and always will be tough on eastern opponents. However, the inconsistency of the Lions this season has been remarkable. In the end though, the Lions will win this one in a big way continuing the west’s dominance over the east. Make the final B.C. 31 – Hamilton 10.

Ottawa REDBLACKS (1-4 T2nd in East) 38-14 loss vs. Saskatchewan
Calgary Stampeders (4-1 T2nd in West) 25-24 loss vs. B.C.

Three Keys:

Smilin’ Hank? Henry Burris will return to McMahnon Stadium in a different jersey for the third third time in his career. This time he doesn’t have the supporting cast that he has enjoyed in other stops. He will need to use his legs and his smarts to get the job done.

Get back on the horse? Calgary suffered their first loss of the season last week and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my opinion. Complacency and over confidence was starting to creep into the Stamps demeanour. A loss may get the team back on track!

Dropping the Mallett! Martel Mallett didn’t miss a beat in his return to the game from a five year layoff against B.C. last week. He will need to continue to provide the Stamps offence balance which is critical to their success.

THE PREDICITION: Ottawa has a lot to work on with a young group that hasn’t come together. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t trying or improving. It just means I don’t foresee an upset in Cowtown! I’m going with the Stamps to win big 38-13.


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