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Top 10 Tuesday: An Apology? Hope For the Huskies? The Meaning of Marketing?

A number of questions have cropped up in the week that was in the world of sports. Here’s an attempt to answer some of those questions as well as some observations from the last seven days in the world of sports, in no particular order.

10 – Instant Thriller: Well if you told me at halftime on Friday night at Mosaic Stadium that the University of Saskatchewan Huskies would be heading to the post season for a 15th consecutive season I would have called your bluff. The Dogs, trailing 23 points in the third quarter, pulled off the Miracle a Mosaic chipping away at the winless Rams lead and never saying die. The difference in the ball game was not only that determination and belief by the Dogs but also the change in mentality of the Rams. Instead of playing to win the ball game, Regina played not to lose. Huge difference in philosophy and mind set.

9 – So should I issue an apology to the officials? If you tuned into the broadcast there were a few times that I was critical of the officiating. With that being said I pride myself in trying to remain neutral and offering the benefit of the doubt to officials of all stripes. With that being said, late in the opening half Regina scored a disputed touchdown to extend their lead and seemingly stomp on the Huskies Hopes. The play unfolded, as I saw it, with the Rams snapping the ball prior to play being whistled in. When that whistle sounded the Dogs stopped allowing a Regina receiver to end up wide open in the end zone to haul in a Noah Picton. UPON FURTHER REVIEW, the confusion in the play came with the Regina receivers approaching the line of scrimmage prior to the play being blown in from the official. The film then shows the snap of the ball either simultaneously with the whistle if not a hair after. With that being said nine-out-of-ten times the play would be stopped. Not in the case! Apology pending… lol.

A Scary Top Ten Tuesday At The End of October?

Well it has been anything but boring over the last seven days in the sporting world in our province. Here are my top thoughts from the week that was. In no particular order.

10 – New gunner for the Huskies…. Well talk about a debut Kyle Siemens was the surprise starter for the Dogs on Friday night as they hosted UBC. I don’t think that anyone could have predicted 520 yards and 3TDs in his first CIS start. (The fourth best game by a Saskatchewan Quarterback all-time) The lone down-side to the performance, aside from dropping the contest to UBC, was the fact that only 150 of those yards came in the second half where the offence sputtered at times.

9 – The Huskies loss was obviously a huge blow to their play-off hopes. The Dogs are in danger of missing the post-season for the first time since 2000 and need a win in Regina on Friday night and loss by Alberta to Calgary on Saturday afternoon to get in. I won’t lie I fully expected the Huskies to pull out a win over UBC at home on Friday, however, the BPI (big play index) was in complete favour of the Thunderbirds and gave them the advantage. So the Huskies will be playing their rivals to wrap the campaign and the Rams would love nothing more than to end the Dogs season. Meanwhile, Calgary can pick the type of roster they wish to field on Saturday and essentially pick their opponent should Saskatchewan win on Friday night. All of which are scary scenarios.

Top 10 Tuesday: Putting Us In Our Place One Point At A Time

Sometimes things aren’t always as they appear… Sometimes they are!

So whether we like it or not here’s how things are in the world of sports from the last seven days.

10 – I’m pretty sure that it has never been done but a solid case could be made to replace John Gibbons in the middle of a play-off series. The Toronto Blue Jays manager didn’t have his team ready to play in game one of their ALDS series with Texas as the team was not focused and gave away the game with their ace on the mound. Game two an extra inning, lack luster effort could have gone either way. After refocusing his team for game four he lost it in game five. With his team ahead by six runs in the fifth inning ‘Gibby’ trots out his ace David Price to pitch the next three innings all but eliminating the possibility of having his best pitcher starting in the deciding game. Yes I know that you have to get there BUT Marcus Stroman is left to start. The sophomore looked good in September but that’s the only month he pitched after missing most of the season with a knee injury.

9 – More on the Jays and it is going to be an interesting off-season for the team. Marco Estrata and Dionner Navaro a great combination are set to become Free-Agents while Jose Bautista will become one at the end of 2016. I know that you are not thinking about it now but another base running bluff by Jose in Game four yesterday shows me that he is not the player that you want to hang your hat on. Instead split his projected money for Estrada at the very least to keep a good young pitcher in the fold.

Dave’s Dis N Dat: Why The Jays Are In Trouble – Feeling For Buck And Pat

The long weekend is in sight and it is a fun time to be covering the world of sports… Here are some of my thoughts from the week that was.

Bleeding Blue: Had a chance to take in both Saskatoon Blades games this week. (A OTL to Vancouver and a big win over Kootenay on Wednesday) The thing that stood out to me in both games is that while the Blades are continuing to work hard every game that isn’t what they are hanging their hat on. No longer is the team hoping to give their opposition a good game. The fully to expect to win every night which I think is a major step forward in the team’s rebuild.

Crowded Crease: The Bridge City Bunch are trying to find consistency between the pipes, unfortunately, with three goaltenders still in camp the margin for error is razor thin for the three back-stoppers. End of the day it is a pressure that all goaltenders have to face. It is going to be interesting though to see who can rise to the top of the depth chart.

Puck Dropped: The NHL season is underway and on night one we had an opportunity to see the coach’s challenge used.

A Tuesday Top 10: Fire Gibbons? Time To Blow Up The Riders? Should the Dinos Apologize?

It’s back! My weekly musings on all things from the world of sports from the past seven days.

So in no particular order here are my scattered thoughts.

10 – Well that was ugly in BC. The Saskatchewan Roughriders were trounced 46-20 in Vancouver on Saturday night.There was very little intensity and the care factor seemed to be nil. In the Green and White’s defence there are some key veterans on the sidelines. However, with that being said it is time to blow the team up from the leaders to the underachieving rookies. If you are not performing the time is now to make some tough decisions. The Riders will get carte blanche for a season before heading into the new stadium, so the time for change has come.

9 – Staying with the CFL and I was a little leery when it was mentioned that Henry Burris could be in the CFL Hall of Fame. To be honest Henry has never raised the calibre of talent around him. However, something has to be said when it comes to his longevity, ability to stay healthy and the display that he put on last week! A record 45 competitions in his dismantling of Montreal last week was impressive if not to say MOP and HOF worthy.

8 – More football and full marks to the Calgary Dinos on their big win over the Saskatchewan Huskies on Saturday.Their 59-19 win showed their big play capability and their poise and patience waiting to capitalize on their opponent’s mistakes.

The Last Top 10 For September

Another Tuesday is here and here is a smattering of my thoughts from the last seven days in the world of sports. From the Huskies to Riders, Blades to Jays they all make an appearance in this week’s top ten.
In no particular order:

10 – The University of Saskatchewan Huskies showed what momentum and confidence. The Dogs played their best game of the season, thus far, scoring a big win in Vancouver over the sixth ranked team in the nation the UBC Thunderbirds. Despite having six different starters on defence from week one the Huskies played a dominant 60 minutes. Never out of control the team made plays when opportunity presented itself and proved that they are a team to be reckoned with.

9 – One thing I have learned covering sports teams is that surrounding yourself with winners is a huge intangible. For example, linebacker Justin Filteau, who drew into the starting line-up last week, has won at every level of football he has played not to mention his prowess on the judo mat. That ability to win culminated in him being the Canada West Defensive Player of the week.

Top 10 Tuesday

There is a lot happening in the world of sports. Here’s my weekly take in no particular order in another edition of the Top 10 Tuesday:

10 – The Saskatchewan Huskies were able to break into the win column in week 3 of the Canada West season against Regina. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely! However, the team found their finish scoring in the red zone on four of five trips. Additionally, the team didn’t let Regina off the matt when the Rams moved the ball.

9 – I have received some flak for our post-game segment Honk For A Huskie. The premise is that fans have a chance to vote for their game star using their car horn. The flak came in nominating punter Sean Stenger for a player of the game award with some asking how could a kicker possibly be nominated as a game star. If you look back at Friday night’s game he twice hemmed the Rams inside their 10 yard line, including placing the ball on the Rams one-yard-line. Additionally, the hang time and directional kicking didn’t allow Regina to set up their return game. Masterful job!

8 – Staying with the Huskies and some in Regina are discrediting the Saskatchewan win instead pointing to a rebuilding Rams team under the direction of new Head Coach Mike Gibson. What should be considered is that the Huskies forced the Rams into three giveaways and were able to score 21 points off of those turnovers. That speaks to solid team play as opposed to rebuilding.

Top Ten Tuesday: With a State Of The Union

It was a week of football, football and more football. To say the least there is some concern with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, who are oh-and-2 to start a season for the first time in a decade.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders suffered a season defining loss, perhaps. The Saskatoon Hilltops are rolling and the Jays are rolling in injury on the field.

That and more in this week’s random thoughts in no particular order in this edition of the top 10 Tuesday.

So here we go;

10 – The panic button has not been pressed but the finger is on the button with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies football team. The Green and White for a second straight week coughed up a halftime lead and fell in Canada West Football action. The Huskies will be the first to admit that they haven’t played a full 60 minutes this season. That being said the team is closer than some would like to admit. That being said this group needs to overcome the mental hurdle that it will take to lift them to a win. Yes I am implying that the team needs to learn to win.

Top Ten Football Tuesday: Why In The World Is Anyone Panicking?

Talk about a great football weekend! I love Labour Day for the sheer fact that CIS Football returns, the Canadian Football League season gets real, the Prairie Football Conference approaches the midpoint and the NFL season is about to kick-off.

With all of that football it should be no surprise the focus of today’s top ten list, in no particular order. So here we go.

10 – The weekend started off on a sour note with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies dropping their first home opener since 2002 to Manitoba, 34-28. Ironically Manitoba was the last team to win at Girffiths Stadium on opening night. That being said the panic button is being pressed and the daggers are out in Toon-Town. Honestly I don’t get it! Yes the loss was a tough one and with three turnovers in the red zone there were points left on the field by the Dogs. However, those mistakes can be cleaned up. That having been said now is not the time to panic. Unfortunately some are already predicting the Huskies starting the play-offs on the road. Wow, pretty bold one week into the season.

Dave’s Dis N’ Dat on A Friday:

What so much to say and seemingly so little time to do it. It has been an incredible week past seven days. Here are some random thoughts from the week that was.

Where’s Darian? I hate to say that I had this thought prior to a caller into our radio station but while it was terrific that Darian Durant helped a family out attending a fundraiser in Saskatoon on Sunday I wonder why he wasn’t with the team in Ottawa. Last season when Durant hurt his elbow he also travelled back home to rehab. Brett Smith, Keith Price, etc could have benefitted from his coaching.

At the other end of the spectrum Kevin Glenn was on the sidelines for the Green and White so perhaps it was redundant for Doubles to be there.

I also should admit that I came into the week thinking that the Riders had hit rock bottom after their loss to Ottawa on Sunday. It was clear that not everyone was on the same page and I was expecting some form of shake-up. I was totally shocked though that the Riders canned Head Coach Corey Chamblin and General Manager Brendan Taman.

Both for the record are quality individuals and facing the injury challenges that the team has faced all season I thought that they would get the remainder of the season to try and fix the Green and White.