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Top 10 Tuesday: March 29

Another week has come and gone in the world of sports and some interesting issues have cropped up both good and bad. So in no particular order here are my ten thoughts from the week that was.

10 – The start of the major league baseball season is less than a week away and already there is a ton of interest after the Blue Jays run to the ALCS last season. Registration numbers have soared in Saskatoon as have expectations for the big league club. However, there has been a lot of focus on numbers during spring training. From contact numbers for Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion to the number one spot in the batting order and the fifth starter. The number to me that seemingly is being ignored is $1-million. That’s apparently the net profit that Rogers (the owners of the Jays) made last year on baseball operations. Yes, with play-off home games, sellouts from August on and a number of club friendly contracts the Jays only made $1-million. That speaks loud and clear and perhaps signals that the Jays won’t be anywhere near contention after this season as there is no financial way they can keep Bautista or Encarnacion.

9 – Speaking of the play-offs and there officially will be no Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup Play-offs since the 1970 post season. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be Canadians in the tournament just that fans North of the border will need to commute in order to see play-off action live. Some are ringing the alarm bells, I say it’s just a blip on the radar.

8 – So, who is impacted most by missing the play-offs in Canada? Well it certainly isn’t the athletes. AND no, there will be no post season revenue for the Canadian owners. BUT affected the most by the lack of success will be Rogers. The NHL rights holders in Canada will not attract regional fringe audiences, and with a warmer, earlier spring in much of the country that will lead to lower viewership and in turn lower advertising revenue. With a loss in ratings last year, and you would have to anticipate more of the same this year the billion dollar contract that they signed with the NHL may come back to bite them.

7 – On the other side of the ledger the Washington Capitals officially clinched the President’s trophy, for the top regular season record in the league, last night. Now there is no direct correlation between the Presidents Trophy and winning the Stanley Cup. The last team to win both was  Chicago in 2012-2013 but since 1985-86 when the league started handing out the President’s trophy, the winner has only won 8 times (well below 50%). That has me pondering whether there should be more incentive to winning the Presidents trophy, as it has long been my argument that you have to build a team for the regular season or the post-season in the NHL (as the rules do change in the play-offs)? As a starting point,  what if they only need to win three games in a series as opposed to four? Just a thought it would give more meaning to the regular season.

Top Ten Tuesday: Taking A Swing At The Court AND WHL MVP?

Time for my weekly take at the world of sports.

So, in no particular order here are the top 10 most pressing thoughts on my mind:

10 – First and foremost with the end of the WHL season for six of the league’s 22 teams over there are some quality people that saw there junior eligibility come to a close. No more stand-up person in my opinion than Nic Zajac. The Blades captain has seen the good times and the bad with the franchise but through it all represented himself with dignity and class. His dedication to the community was admirable and here’s hoping that the future treats him well.

9 – Staying with the Blades and the club is now on the clock. Players and management have all gone on record stating that the club will indeed make the play-offs next year. There obviously is a lot that can and will happen between now and then but the expectation level has now been increased.

8 – With the start of the WHL play-offs Moose Jaw, Regina, and Prince Albert will all have the opportunity to attempt to end our province’s 23 year Championship drought. With all due respect those teams have to been seen, at the very least, as long shots. There are a number of reasons as to why the Saskie drought has been more than two decades but a clear first indication could be population based. I would welcome any and all thoughts.

Top Ten Tuesday: Back In The Saddle Again!

Call it a momentary lapse of creativity. Call it trying to sit back and quietly observe. Call it trying to figure out stuff.

Call it what you want but a refocus and rededication for ToonTown Sports.Net is here!

No better way to kick things off than with a look back at the week that was with a Top Ten Tuesday.

So, as always, in no particular order here are my random thoughts from the past seven days in the world of sports:

10 – Kevin Koe wins the Tim Horton’s Brier in Ottawa. The Alberta skip is having a dominant year with the old Kevin Martin rink. Am I the only one that has a hard time cheering for Koe? After winning the 2014 Brier he left his team, news that broke mid-week at that Brier, leaving them without a skip and having to come back and defend as Team Canada the following year without their anchor. To me you knew the stakes going in so you have to fulfill your obligation!

9 – If I had a magical broom and could change curling. The sport has to long at the number of blank ends that are being scored. Additionally, when a team gives up a steal for trying to be aggressive it’s almost lights out as even the free-guard zone has been trumped by curlers. So, with all that being said to remove the snooze-fest that some games have become it’s time to consider one of two options. First change from ten end to seven or eight end games. OR secondly, have the hammer alternate every end. Teams will at least then be forced to be aggressive.

Top 10 Tuesday: Backing The Riders Cuts!

Another Tuesday is here! AND as always here are my random thoughts from the world of sports in no particular order.

10 – Riders release John Chick/Weston Dressler: This is the ugly side of the game of football. Two fan favorites that perhaps didn’t fit into the new scheme of the new Rider regime are shown the door. In defence of Head Coach and General Manager Chris Jones on paper it was a move that really had to be made. Through Dressler, Chick and Darian Durant that would tie up a reported $1-million of the team’s $5-million salary cap. (20% of the cap being spent on 4.76% of the player roster) That doesn’t add up.

9 – On the other hand you have to feel for the vets as they were not the ones that made the contract offer. They signed the deal in good faith to stay in Riderville. This what they call the business of football and to be truthful I don’t agree with it! Contracts in my mind should be gaurunteed in the CFL similar to how they are in the NHL. This holds management accountable for their decisions and gives the athletes who are trying to provide for their families some security. Keep in mind a CFL salary isn’t in the millions it’s in the thousands.

Top Ten Tuesday: WHL Deadline, What A Rush And A Blush In Finland?

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016 here at Toon-Town Sportsnet!
It’s a busy time of year as the January 10th hockey deadline for making moves is fast approaching. However, the Saskatoon Blades did get a jump on the action yesterday.

Also a first chance to take a look at Canada’s performance at the World Juniors, AND Saskatoon’s newest professional franchise came roaring out of the gates on the weekend.

That and more here on today’s Top Ten list, in no particular order.

10 – To buy or not to buy that is the question? With next Sunday’s trade deadline fast approaching that is the question on a number of WHL fan’s minds. The Saskatoon Blades answered that question quite clearly with a pair of deals yesterday involving a pair of second round draft picks, this despite being four points out of a play-off spot. With that being said the Toronto Blue Jays were out of the post-season standings when they made a couple of flashy deals that propelled them into the play-offs.

A Sporting Letter To Santa:

Thank-you for following along during the entire year.

From my family to yours may you have a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016!

I couldn’t think of a better way to end the year than by sharing my sporting letter to Santa. Here’s hoping that he’s good to all of us in 2016!



Dear Santa,

A Questionable Top 10 Tuesday:

Well is getting back on track after some new developments behind the scenes.

To get back on track it’s the return of the Top Ten Tuesday. Today a look at some of the biggest post-season questions facing the Canadian Football League. In no particular order here’s today’s list:

10 – Well just like in the NHL the subject of Compensation for hiring football personnel from one team to another has come up with the Edmonton Eskimos hiring of Jason Maas. So the question is should there be such compensation in the CFL? The answer has to be no! So long as coaches are not making lateral moves and actually moving up the ladder then moves, like Jason Maas from offensive coordinator in Ottawa to Head Coach in Edmonton, must be allowed. Good organizations develop good people and coaches. They just need to follow through on that development model.

9 – So, what is Jason Maas worth to the Eskimos? The question may be what is Maas worth to the REDBLACKS? As I see it unless Ottawa is firing Rick Campbell and hiring Maas his worth is that of an offensive coordinator. So Edmonton should not be penalized in any way for allowing him to move up the food chain, and perhaps most importantly, return to a city where he and his family have established roots. All that being said I can see Edmonton being punished with a second or third round pick.

GREY CUP 103: To The Point: Edmonton 26 – Ottawa 20


Not sure that I can handle the hours of pre-game coverage but James Duthie should be on the network as much as they can get him. He is outstanding!

I love the Insiders statements that TSN produces for both the NHL and CFL. However, I really think that the insiders are really trying hard on this segment. They are speculating on their speculations. Saying that Chris Jones may go to Saskatchewan and if he does Jason Maas may go to Edmonton. There are a lot of ifs and buts in that statement.

One interesting note to come out of their discussion was that Toronto will play with 17 yard end zones at BMO Field next year. What a joke! Truthfully they should just fold the Argos now and see if TSN or Bell or whomever would invest in a team in Atlantic Canada.

Can anyone tell me what Brian Williams adds to this broadcast? The league is trying to cater to a younger audience. They have to have younger hosts!

That being said Williams did grill the commissioner pretty good. Thought it was interesting how the Commish downplayed the ratings basically saying that TV was outdated. I’m sure network executives are cringing! Not to mention one of nine owners in the league.

I guess we can call it the Saskatchewan Roughriders affect. Neither team will be individually introduced before the game. The Riders blew it up prior to Grey Cup 101 when they elected to come out as a team. To me the player introductions are a cool part of the game. Too bad I guess.

Dave’s Dis N’ Dat: Dinos Extinct, Riders Look To Mr. Jones? C’mon CFL

Another seven days has passed in the world of sports. With my take on all things sporting here’s today’s Dis N’ Dat…

CFL Concern 1 – Only 26,306 took in the West Semi-Final last Sunday at McMahon Stadium between Calgary and B.C. For those keeping score that’s just 57% of capacity. It didn’t look good on TV and definitely didn’t look good for the Stamps financial statement.

CFL Concern 2 – Less than 1-million people watched either the East or West Final. That’s a big problem with the league relying on TV money from TSN.

Mr. Jones and me?

Dave’s Dis N’ Dat – The Random Observation Edition

It has been an interesting week, to say the least, in the world of sports. The Huskies and Hilltops seasons came to very different closes, the 2015 Saskatchewan Roughriders season mercifully came to a conclusion while the Blades, Jays, and CFL all made news this week.

Here’s a quick look back on my thoughts from the week that was:

Huskie’s Set To Huddle Up – Last weekend’s loss in Calgary wasn’t a shocker for Brian Towriss’ Huskie football team. However, the club gave the top ranked team a run for their money and a heck of a scare. Unfortunately, for the Dogs matched up against anyone else in Canada West that effort would have given the Dogs a win. Instead, the Huskies are now starting the off season with some holes and roles to fill on defence, while the offence appears to be in good hands with some minor modifications needed on the offensive line.

Pure Class! One more on the Huskies and you have to hand it to the Dogs for the professionalism that the entire program carried itself with this season. AS my first as the play-by-play voice of the Dogs I couldn’t have anticipated a warmer reception from the staff, players and alumni. Look forward to doing it again next year.

Speaking of top drawer! Hats off to the Saskatoon Hilltops