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Season Opener At WGS Doesn’t Disappoint

It was opening day for the 2016 season at the Wyant Group Raceway, with the Earthworks Equipment Sask Legends, the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks, the Law Enforcement Guardian Bandoleros and the Golfs Car Wash Mini Stocks all taking to the track.

Full Results:

Law EnforcementBandoleros

Time Trials (seconds):
1. #21 Dakota Wollf, 20.430
2. #14 Ty Stewart, 20.491
3. #1 Tun Maung, 22.365
4. #93 Ryley Schneider, 22.376
5. #33 Jasmine Speidel, 22.377
6. #18 Ashton Everitt, 22.418
7. #8 Braxton Clewes, 25.908
8. #20 Caiden Willey, 29.197
9. #47 Cale Heilman, 29.581

Heat Race:
1. #93 Ryley Schneider
2. #14 Ty Stewart
3. #21 Dakota Wollf
4. #1 Tun Maung
5. #18 Ashton Everitt
6. #33 Jasmine Speidel
7. #8 Braxton Clewes
8. #47 Cale Heilman
9. #20 Caiden Willey

Racers To Fill-Up Before Green Flag Drops

The new racing season at Wyant Group Raceway is set to open on Saturday at the oval north of Saskatoon.

Saturday afternoon’s racing will see the Legends, Street stock, Mini Stock and Bandolero divisions all take to track on opening day.

The first green flag of the season will fly at 2pm.

Prior to the engines roaring a number of vehicles will be on display at Maaco on 51st Street in ToonTown on Friday. One of the greatest aspects, and perhaps most overlooked, is the amount of time and money that the racers put back into the community!.


ACMS Wrap From The Weekend

Race fans couldn’t ask for anything better. Sunny skies, no wind (by Saskatchewan standards), perfect temperature and 550 laps of racing around the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. Such was the case Saturday as the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association wrapped up the season for all the full size Divisions. The Sask Legends and Crimestoppers Bandoleros will finish up their season next weekend.

At the end of the night, Jim Gaunt, Rob Janzen, Matthew Shirley, Kevin Dyck, Brennan Forseille and Jamie Tataryn all went home with championship trophies and a little more cash in their pockets. Craig Katelnikoff also went home with the Rick Fredrickson Memorial trophy.

Starting with the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks, Jamie Tataryn had a perfect night in the #41 Streetwise Service Neon, winning all three races. #25 Tanner Reimer and #23 Cole Nixey took second and third in both the heat race and the Golf’s Car Wash feature, while #92 Brennan Kirton took second in the qualifier, with #37 Scott Kozak third.

In the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock division heat race, #34 Always Towing Camaro of Mike Schroeder was chased across the line by the #18 Monte Carlo of Mike Rea. #3 Craig Katelnikoff was third. #28 Brennan Forseille took top spot in the street stock qualifier, chased by the #43 Eric McIntosh and the #18 of Mike Rea.

It was double feature night for the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks, with the #28 Ghost Transportation Camaro of Brennan Forseille taking home the first ACMS commemorative flag, with the #18 of Mike Rea second and #34 Mike Schroeder third. In the second feature, the Rick Fredrickson Memorial, carried over from the August 22 rainout, Craig Katelnikoff, who just recently took over driving duties in the #3 BDI-Canada Firebird owned by Ron Eby, was first to the line for the flag and the biggest trophy. Mike Schroeder was second in the #34 Always Towing Camaro and the #28 of Brennan Forseille was third.

The Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Division has been a battle between the top five or six trucks all year. As with anything, consistency often pays off as much as winning. One bad race can knock you out of the contention for the championship.

Such was the case in the pro truck division. Coming into the night Kevin Dyck had a six point lead over Andrew Hardy. With three races on the night, that lead can easily evaporate.

Kevin Dyck did gain a couple of points as the #10 Sierra picked up the first heat, ahead of the #19 of Aaron Anderson and #21 Kade Thompson.
Andrew Hardy was in the second heat, where he finished third, behind #01 Alex Leschenko and the winner #94 Speedtech Racing Tundra of Ben Pogoda.
Advantage: Dyck.

Hardy and Dyck were in the same qualifier, which was won by Andrew Hardy in the #15 D&S Developments Dodge Ram. Ben Pogoda was second and Kevin Dyck was third. Advantage: neutral.

The honeymooning Shantel Firth took the win in the second qualifier in the #49 Prairie Dodge Dealers Association Ram, with #88 Brad Wrennick in second and #18 Bill Zubrecki third.

In the Tiger Automotive Pro Truck points final feature, it was Aaron Anderson leading the way in the #19 Ens Auto Group Toyota Tundra. The
#49 of Shantel Firth was second and #94 Ben Pogoda was third.

Hardy and Dyck ended up fourth and fifth. In the end the math worked against Hardy. Hardy picked up two points in the heats, only to have that wiped out in the qualifiers, so it was still a six point lead for Dyck going into the feature. Hardy would have to finish at least three positions ahead of Dyck to steal the championship away. Kevin Dyck ended winning the year by four points.

Racing Action Heats Up At ACMS

September is always an exciting month as the racing gets even more intense at the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. Drivers know they are running out of time to get that elusive checkered flag, that extra few inches that will gain them a point or two, or sometimes, payback for something that happened four races ago.

The day started before 9:00am as street stock drivers and crews met at the A&W in Martensville to have breakfast and chat with race fans. The race cars sat on display as others from around the Valley area carefully moved their old Dodges and Chevys, Fords and even the odd Studebaker into place for Martensville’s annual Show & Shine.

By noon the race cars are packed up and on their way south, back to ACMS for an afternoon of fine tuning (sometimes with a sledge hammer).

Drivers are not only looking for that extra tenth of a second, but they’re looking for things that will keep these street stocks from making it through their longest race of the year. 100 laps. It doesn’t help that the temperature reaches 29 degrees.

As it rolls around to race time, the fans are loving the heat. The drivers are starting to get a little testy. All day in driver suits and coveralls isn’t exactly fun under the hot sun. But they have a goal in mind; their name forever etched on the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock Invitational trophy.

Mike Schroeder had a good start to the day in the #34 Always Towing Camaro, timing in fastest and setting a new track record in the street stock invitational category, at 16.098 seconds, shaving .045 seconds off his 2014 time. Craig Katelnikoff was back on the track, this time behind the wheel of the #3 BDI Canada Firebird of Ron Eby, timing in second at 16.215 seconds. Nicole Sheetka finally turned a couple of good laps, timing in third at 16.461 seconds in the #42 Rainbow International Restoration Malibu.

The top three were off to the trophy dash, a four lap run to test who is best off the line. Nicole started on pole, but Craig quickly pulled away into the lead. A lap and a half later, Schroeder was in Katelnikoff’s mirror, but there would be no catching him. The prize I’m sure was appreciated, two large A&W mugs, filled with ice cold A&W Root Beer. The win would also put Craig in the pole position for the start of the 100 lap feature race.

The remaining 14 cars were split into two heats, with the top three in each advancing to the next six spots in the main feature. In Heat A that would be the #18 Daou Auto Monte Carlo of Mike Rea, followed across the line by the #18x of Bill Zubrecki and #1 of Scott Barrand. Moving to the feature from the second heat would be the #28 Ghost Transportation Camaro of Brennan Forseille, chased across the line by
#43 Eric McIntosh and #81 of Curtis Houben.

The remaining eight cars would go into the B Main to determine their spot in the starting grid for the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100. First up went to the #22 Globe Excavating Camaro of Ryan Fredrickson, followed by #0 of Chris Gaeveart and Wayne Osbourne, making the trip up from Regina.

By the time we got to the start of the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100, the temperature had dropped to a bearable 21 degrees. We were about to heat things up though. Remember, Craig Katelnikoff and Mike Schroeder had earned the front two positions in the starting grid for the feature race. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers and race fan Dave Nagy put $400 on the table if they would start from the back, and win! Mike reminded fans he wrecked his car last year trying this challenge, while Craig was hesitant as it’s not his own car he is driving. After a little encouragement from fans and a little chat with their wives, both decided to take up the challenge. Craig even reasoned, maybe it’s smarter to start at the back away from traffic.

With Nicole Sheetka now on the pole and Mike Rea to her right, Mike gets the better start and pulls away for the lead on the green flag. In the first lap Mike Schroeder gains five positions and Craig moves up three from the back. Mike Rea looked unstoppable.

Oh, oh, though. As Rea crosses the line to put lap 14 in the books he sees that familiar yellow Always Towing Camaro in his mirror. 14 laps and Shroeder has already taken over second spot. A little lapped traffic gives Rea some breathing room and its lap 27 before Schroeder takes over the lead. Schroeder would hang onto the lead and when the lap 50 competition caution comes out he leads Mike Rea, Curtis Houben and Craig Katelnikoff down the fuel line.

The rules are pretty stringent. Water to the drivers, spray radiators, clean windshields and add fuel only. Mike Schroeder opted to check something else on his car, so he was moved all the way to the back again for the restart. It may have paid off though.

Talking to Mike Rea after the race he says as he exited pit road he heard that all too familiar click, click, click of something in a tire.
The car felt fine though and the noise went away as the green flag came out and the cars were brought up to speed.

It was only three laps though and Mike felt that little slip in his car, a sure sign a tire was going down. His laps times dropped off a second and he knew he was sunk. Lap 62 he would have to pit for a tire.

Not quite ready for Sprint Cup action, it took his team seven laps to change the right rear tire. Coming back out, Mike could only hope for a huge attrition issue to gain back spots.

ACMS Rundown: A LONG Night At The Track

If there was one consensus coming out of Saturday night’s race at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, it was that we need to find a way to shorten the Sky Financial Series races. The caution plagued 150 lap race took one hour and fifty-four minutes to run, about 45 minutes longer than it should on a bad day, an hour longer than it should on a good day.

The #17 of Rob Janzen brought the field around for the first lap, but before the entire field could get across the line the caution was flying as the #2 of Ryan Funk and the #27 of Scott Lucas, making his super late model debut, tangled on the front stretch, sending Funk into the inside wall and Lucus into the outside wall.

Attempt number two saw the race get underway, sans the two cars, this time with Dusty O’Connell’s #76 led the way, a lead he would hang onto until the caution was brought out again when the #1 of Tony Mikulcik and
#88 of Jason Gervais got together sending the dust flying. Gervais tapped out (said he was the cause), giving the #1 his position back, but the #1 pitted, negating that call.

On the ensuing green flag Kenny Heintz was loose with the #62 bringing out another caution flag. The cars get rolling under green again and were sorting things out by the 20th lap. By this point it was still Dusty O’Connell in the lead with the #97 of Jared Reddekopp challenging.
Rob Janzen and Dave Bone were still in the mix at the front. The #8 of Kelly Admiraal and #55 Jim Gaunt had moved up from the back of the field to sixth and eighth positions respectively.

Caution was out again in lap 27 as the #8 of Kelly Admiraal and #17 of Rob Janzen tangled. Janzen tapped out giving Admiraal his position back, which again was negated by the #8 pitting. The race did have its first Lucky Bastard though, as the #62 was sent around the pace car on a free pass.

While Dusty O’Connell had been leading the race, Jared Reddekopp got the jump on green, running for his life for the next few laps with O’Connell in chase. By lap 31 O’Connell reclaimed the lead, a lead he held until the yellow came out again in lap 60 as the #36 of Grant Brown was spun out by the #51 of Nick Jewel.

Jim Gaunt took over the lead when the green flag dropped, showing Dusty the way around the track until Clay Wagner took the #95 for a loop, bringing yet another caution. On the restart it was ruled the #55 jumped the green flag, making them have to try again. This time #76 came out ahead and led the field again for the next 43 laps when Grant Brown and #12 Aaron Deagnon tangled up in lap 110.

With the field thinning out, the #76 of Dusty O’Connell continued to lead up to the next caution in lap 127. Kelly Admiraal took over the lead in lap 128 and continued to lead through cautions in laps 134, 135 and 142. An hour and fifty-four minutes after it started the race was finally over with the #8 of Kelly Admiraal coming all the way from the back row to win the race, giving him a $1,000 bonus over the $1,000 first place payout for the Lakeview Insurance 150.

Jim Gaunt (who started last) in the #55 Sky Financial Impala was second, #76 of Dusty O’Connell was third, Tony Mikulcik making his super late model debut was fourth and local racer Dave Bone managed a fifth place finish in the #38 Acklands Grainger Fusion.

And for the record, Admiraal’s #8 car ran out of gas doing his victory lap.

The Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock Feature was just as exciting without all the caution flags, In fact, they ran a caution free race. Tanner Reimer jumped into the lead off the green and pulled away from the field. Jamie Tataryn had his eyes on the front right from the start of the race though, moving the #41 Streetwise Service Neon through traffic and taking the lead from Reimer with three laps to go. Reimer wasn’t done though and coming around to take the white flag he gave the #41 a little bumper coming out of corner four. It wasn’t enough though as Tataryn continued to lead. A little more bumper through corner four again for the final time. This time the #41 moved just enough for Reimer to dive the #25 Results Team Honda Civic under Tataryn, to beat him to the checkered flag by ¼ of a second. Cole Nixey was third in the #23 33rd Street Auto Acura Integra.

It’s 10:00 now and we have one feature race to go, the Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Feature. With 25 laps on the board Ken Bone took the lead from the green flag showing Alex Leschenko the way around the track.
Caution was out in lap three though as the #19 of Aaron Anderson and #51 of Luc Haukaas tangled up. Quick to the restart, Alex Leschenko took the lead and didn’t look back until the checker flag flew for the #01 Family Pizza Ford F150. Andrew Hardy was second in the #15 D&S Developments Dodge Ram and Ben Pogoda picked up third in his #94 Speedtech Racing Development Toyota Tundra.

We have a busy week as the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway is transformed for the Canada Remembers Our Heroes Air Show and Display next weekend, July 11 and 12. Then it’s three days of NASCAR action as we’re back to racing Tuesday July 14th with the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks running the Wes Skakun Memorial, the WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Models run the Bryce Mann Memorial and the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks take on the Family Pizza 100.

Gates open at 5:30 on Tuesday, with racing action at 7:05pm

Wednesday, NASCAR rolls into town and it’s the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series running the Bayer Crop Science Velocity Prairie Thunder 250. Gates open at 1:00 on Wednesday July 15, with the Velocity Prairie Thunder green flag at 7:30pm

We wrap up race week on Saturday, July 18 with the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks, the Earth Works Sask Legends, the CrimeStoppers Bandoleros and the Shell V-Power Sportsman Divisions. The Sportsman Division will be running the 100 lap Race-For-A-Cure feature, raising funds for cancer research.

Racing Saturday July 18 starts at 6:05, with the front gates open at 5:00pm.
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Great Night For Racing At ACMS

The weather has been unsettled the last few days, but it didn’t stop the sun from shining down on Auto Clearing Motor Speedway on Saturday night as the Irv’s Westside Auto Super Trucks, WSSL Super Late Models and both the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks and Mini Stocks added to the trek towards the championship.

The Irv’s Westside Auto Super Trucks quickly showed why they continue to be a favorite racing series in Saskatoon. Rookie racers Kyle O’Connell and Brian Morrison immediately showed they fit right in with the fast and tight racing style of the super truck series. They were right in the mix with the veterans from the drop of the flags.

Heavy rains through week washed some of the rubber buildup off the track, and the trucks have changed tires from last year so there wasn’t any track records in danger this weeks. Dean Braham from Lloydminster started things off, timing in the #44 Cave Inspections Ltd Silverado quickest at 14.954 seconds.

The #00 Heartland Auto Supply Silverado of Sherwood Park’s Kevin Mclean pick up the first win in the super truck heat race, with the #27 of Scott Lucas and #07 of Brian Morrison in short chase. Calgary’s Wade Lee was back in front for the qualifier with his #74 Chase Motorsports Silverado, followed by Dean Braham and Scott Lucas.

In the Irv’s Westside Auto feature, the Academy B.O.P. 75, Dean Braham was back out front at the end of the exciting 75 laps race, bringing the #44 Cave Inspections Ltd Silverado first to the line, followed by Prince Albert’s Scott Lucas in the #27 Prairie Dodge Dealers Dodge Ram and Outlook’s Mike Schroeder in the #9 Always Towing Chevy for third.

Taking the track for their third race of the season, the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks showed it’s going to be a battle right to the end of the year for champion. Tanner Reimer and the #25 The Results Team Honda Civic picked up the first heat win ahead of #41 Jamie Tataryn and #92 Brennan Kirton.

In the mini stock qualifier, #41 Jamie Tataryn with the Street Wise Service Neon took first, with #92 Brennan Kirton in second and #25 Tanner Reimer in third. Jamie also picked up the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock feature in the #41 Streetwise Service Neon, with the #23 of Cole Nixey in second and #25 Tanner Reimer rounding out the top three.

The #28 Ghost Transportation Camaro of Brennan Forseille picked up the heat win in the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks, getting home just ahead of #3 Kevin MacLaggan and #81 Curtis Houban. Kevin MacLaggan picked it up a notch, getting the #3 BDI Canada Trans Am to the line just ahead of the #28 Brennan Forseille in the street stock qualifier race. #18 Mike Rea rounded out the top three.

The Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock Feature race proved to be as exciting as every other race on the night. Leader Brennan Forseille was holding off challenger Kevin MacLaggan, but an outside-inside deek by MacLaggin found Kevin beside Forseille. It was MacLaggan by a foot when the white flag dropped, Forseiile was ahead through corners three and four, but MacLaggin powered ahead out of four, giving the #3 BDI Trams Am and Kevin MacLaggan the checkered flag by about a half car length. #28 Brennan Forseille was second and #42 Nicole Sheetka rounded out the top three in the Golf’s Car Wash feature.

The WSSL Auto Parts Plus Super Late Models put in their second race meet of the year, warming up for the first Sky Financial Series race in three weeks. #17 Rob Janzen picked up the win in Heat A in his 2015 J&A Heating and Plumbing Toyota Camry. Dave Bone and his #38 Acklands Grainger Chevrolet took Heat B.

In the Qualifier A race it was Jared Reddekopp and the #97 The Legends Golf Course Ford Fusion taking the win and Jason Gervais in his #88 Commercial Sandblasting Ford Fusion picked up the Qualifier B win.

It was Rob Janzen though, taking home the commemmorative ACMS checkered flag in the WSSL Auto Parts Plus Super Late Model Feature, piloting the #17 J&A Heating and Plumbing Toyota Camry to the line first. #56 Howie Crossman took second, with #55 Jim Gaunt third.

Things change course a little next week at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, as rather than all the familiar faces we are used to on the race track, the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience takes over the race track next weekend, and it’s the race fans who get the chance to get behind the wheel of a NASCAR or Late Model car and try their hand at the track.

We’re back for a weeknight race, on Wednesday, June 24th with the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks, the WSSL Auto Parts Plus Super Late Models and the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks. Front Gates open at 6:00pm, with the first green flag at 7:05pm

Race fans are also reminded to pick up their tickets for NASCAR week as we have three exciting nights of racing coming in mid July. Tuesday, July 14 will see the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks running the Wes Skakun Memorial race, the WSSL Auto Parts Plus Super Late Models run the Bryce Mann Memorial and the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks will run the Tiger Automotive 100.

Wednesday night, July 15 will see the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series and the Velocity Prairie Thunder 250 presented by Bayer Crop Science and we finish the week off Saturday July 18 with the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock, the Earth Works Sask Legends Series, the CrimeStoppers Bandoleros and finally, the Shell Nitro+ V-Power Sportsman, running the Race For A Cure 100.
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Saturday Night Lights At ACMS

After an interesting day of weather the sun came out and made for a terrific first night of racing at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway on Saturday. While many of the Legends hit the track last week in a Mac’s Cup race, Saturday was their first race in the Sask Legends Series of the season.

The other three divisions, pro trucks, mini stocks and bandoleros put their second race meets of the season in the books, with some new names joining the driving ranks in the mini stocks and pro trucks.

It may be early in the season, but drivers in all the divisions showed every spot on the race track is important and they are ready to battle for every point they can earn. Whether it was for first place of fifth place, drivers battled hard all over the track throughout the evening.

Last week 12 year old Tyler Emond made the trip from Leduc to clean up in the Crime Stoppers Bandoleros. This week, Tyler picked up the win in the heat race, but Kelsy Toth showed she has her eye on the championship as she piloted the #22 Bandolero to wins in the qualifier and the Crime Stoppers Bandolero feature.

Cole Nixey took the first win of the night in the Golf’s Car Wash mini stocks, picking up the win in the heat race, but he had to yield to veteran Jim Barnsley as he took the qualifier in the #41 Dodge City Auto Neon.

Cole Nixey wasn’t done though as he worked his way to the front for the Golf’s Car Wash mini stock feature, as the 14 year old picked up the ACMS commemorative checkered flag in the #23 33rd Street Auto Acura Integra. One has to wonder if his crew chief is ready for the big leagues, as Cole had just enough gas for the race, running out on his victory lap. Or maybe it was just luck.

Weekend #2 Results From ACMS

What a difference a week makes. Last week for the season opener at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway it was almost too hot for afternoon racing. This week as four more divisions got their season under way it started off cool and windy, turning into a typical Saskatchewan “not bad but a bit breezy” Saturday afternoon of racing.
Race cars like the cooler weather though and the track is always faster when it cools down, so the afternoon started off with three new track records in the time trials, as the track keeps getting faster and faster each year.

Blake Erb started the ball rolling with a new track record in the Legends cars, showing a lap of 15.978 seconds. Next up, the Bandoleros with 12 year old Tyler Emond coming to us from Leduc Alberta wound his car around the track in 19.063 seconds.

In the Super Late Models, after holding the track record last year for all of about 45 seconds, Jim Gaunt laid down a new track record time on Saturday of 14.054 seconds. In the Sportsman Division, Matthew Shirley had to settle for a non track record time in of 15.359 seconds.

In the Chase for the Mac’s Cup Legends Series, a culmination of two races in Saskatoon and one each in Edmonton, Medicine Hat and Hythe Alberta, the #21 of Blake Erb claimed wins in the Heat A and Heat C as well as the Mac’s Feature. A familiar name in Saskatoon, Trent Seidel picked up the win in the Heat B race and the #94 of A.J. Morrison took Heat D.

The #18 Bandolero of Tyler Emond made it a perfect afternoon, winning the heat, the qualifier and the feature in the Crime Stoppers Bandolero Division. #22 Kelsey Toth took runner up in the feature, with #24 of Jaxen Gervais rounding out the top three.

The Shell VPower Sportsman division had a good afternoon. The #12 of Matthew Shirley picked up the first heat race, while the #93 Burco Electric Dodge Avenger of Neil Schneider took the Qualifier Race. Matthew Shirley rounded out the afternoon, taking the feature flag in the #12 Co-op Grand Prix.

And finally in the WSSL Auto Parts Plus Super Late Model Division, there were five different winners through the five races. Trevor Hannay took the first heat race in the #44 Dodge Charger, with Jared Reddekopp taking the second heat race in his #97 Legends Golf Course 2015 Ford Fusion. Jim Gaunt took home the first qualifier race in his #55 Sky Financial 2015 Impala SS and Rob Janzen picked up the second qualifier win in his #17 2015 Toyota Camry.

The first WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Model Feature win of the year went to the #56 TG Graphics Monte Carlo SS of Howard Crossman, coming home ahead of the #88 of Jason Gervais and the #17 of Rob Janzen.

Next week racing moves back to evening racing, with the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks, the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks, the Crime Stoppers Bandoleros and the Earth Works Sask Legends series all hitting the track Saturday night. The front gates at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway open at 5:00, with the first of many green flags at 6:05pm on Saturday, June 6.

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Legends Cars Chase for the Mac’s Cup, presented by Earth Works

Time Trials (seconds)

Green Flag Drops on ACMS Season

Race fans came out to enjoy a warm Saturday afternoon at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway as the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association kicked off its 53rd race season, its 10th at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.

Many would say it was a typical opening day as drivers shook the winter cobwebs from their cars and trucks and found what they forgot to fix last fall after the season was over. A rotor failure here, and broken axle over there, a diff seizing up, it’s all part of opening day fun.

Fans were treated to some excellent and exciting racing from veteran drivers, along with new drivers and some changing divisions. The Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock Division has three new drivers in Jason Venne, Riley Surcom and Scott Kozak. Roger McConnell pulled his old Torino out of storage and joined back into the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks after a number of years in the pro truck division and the last couple in Legends. Kade Thompson is new in the Tiger Automotive Pro Truck division, while Robin Boomsma made the jump from mini stock champion to the pro trucks.

Brennan Kirton started the afternoon off for the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks with a fast time trial lap of 17.346 seconds in the #92 Denny’s Restaurant Prelude. He was followed by the #25 of Tanner Reimer at
17.429 seconds and veteran racer, #41 Jim Barnsley, at 17.538 seconds.

14 year old Cole Nixey took the first checkered flag of the afternoon, taking the #23 33rd Street Auto Integra across the line first in the mini stock heat race, followed closely by #41 Jim Barnsley and #92 Brennan Kirton. Cole did it again in the mini stock qualifier, taking checkers ahead of #41 Jim Barnsley and #25 Tanner Reimer.

Auto Clearing SLM’s Set To Hit The Track

The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association (SSCRA) is excited to announce Sky Financial Corporation of Saskatoon has signed on as the title sponsor of the new Sky Financial Super Late Model Series this summer at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. The series will consist of four races on Saturdays July 4th, August 8th, August 29th and September 19th.

“This is really good news as race teams and race fans across western Canada have been left wondering what our special event SLM package would look like this year” says SSCRA President Jason Gervais.

Sky Financial Corporation General Manager Pam Gaunt adds, “We are excited to step up as the main sponsor of the only super late model racing series in western Canada.” Pam says she has been supporting racing in Saskatoon for more than 30 years.