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Rain Won’t Cool Down WGR

September is always an exciting month as the racing gets even more intense at the Wyant Group Raceway. Drivers know they are running out of time to get that elusive checkered flag, that extra few inches that will gain them a point or two, or sometimes, payback for something that happened four races ago.

The day started before 9:00am as street stock drivers and crews met at the A&W in Martensville to have breakfast and chat with race fans. The race cars sat on display as others from around the Valley area carefully moved their old Dodges and Chevys, Fords and even the odd Studebaker into place for Martensville’s annual Show & Shine.

By noon the race cars are packed up and on their way south, back to the raceway for an afternoon of fine tuning (sometimes with a sledge hammer). Drivers are not only looking for that extra tenth of a second, but they’re looking for things that will keep these street stocks from making it through their longest race of the year, 100 laps.

As it rolls around to race time, the weather is looking good and fans start rolling in for a night of exciting racing. The drivers are ready go. They have been tinkering with their toys all afternoon. But they have one goal in mind; their name forever etched on the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock Invitational trophy.

Second to hit the track, the number 1 of Scott Barrand surprised everyone laying down a lap of 16.098 seconds, tying the invitational track record set by Mike Schroeder last year, and claiming the local division track record spot from Craig Katelnikoff. Curtis Houben comes up second in qualifying at 16.207 seconds and Craig Katelnikoff wheels the #3 Firebird around for a third place qualify time of 16.258. The
#18 of Mike Rae rounded out the top four, who would face off in the trophy dash.

Mike Rae led the first lap of the trophy dash, but then it was Curtis Houben taking over and leading the rest of the way to the six lap checkered flag.

The remaining 10 cars were split into two heats. The finishing order of the trophy dash determined the top four spots in the starting grid for the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100. The first heat would determine the inside line behind them and the second heat the outside line.

Greg Vangool, driving Ryan Fredrickson’s #22 Camaro picked up the win in the first heat, followed by the #3D of Mike Dionne and #43 Eric McIntosh. The heat two win was claimed by #63 Kevin Mclaggen, followed by the #28 of Brennan Forseille and #66 of Wayne Osbourne.

So we now had our lineup set for the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100. But wait. One more wrinkle. We had earlier drawn an inversion of eight, so instead of Curtis Houben getting the pole start he was relegated back to the fourth row and the pole was handed to the
#28 of Brennan Forseille, with #3D Mike Dionne on the outside.

Emotional Night Emotional Winner at WGR

A terrific crowd was on hand for a warm Saturday evening of hot racing at Wyant Group Raceway. Three local divisions joined the Sky Financial Super Late Model Series for some edge of your seat racing. The Sky Financial Series topped off the evening with 150 exciting laps in the Mark McGregor Memorial Dairy Queen 150.

Blake Erb piled onto his points lead in the Saskatoon Shrine Club Legends. Erb’s #21 Flaman Group 1934 Ford Coupe took the top spot in qualifying, heat race and the feature. AJ Morrison, in the #84 Mark’s Auto Body Ford Coupe picked up the qualifier race win and third in the feature. Jody Stewart picked up second in the Legends feature in his
#27 Country Style BBQ Ford Couple.

In the Law Enforcement Guardian Bandolero division, #47 Cale Heilman had a great night, picking up wins in the heat and the feature. #14 Ty Stewart took the qualifier win, while the #20 of Caiden Willey and #33 of Jasmine Speidel followed Heilman across the finish in the feature.

Points leader Curtis Houben had a close call in the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks. He blew the transmission in his #81 RPM Camaro, putting any chance at the championship in jeopardy. However, he was able to get his replacement car in and safety tech’d before registration closed. He would have to start at the back all night as this was not the car that qualified for the starting positions, but he was only in maintenance mode of his points lead.

Racers Pass Mid-Point of WGR Season

The weather Gods were with us on Saturday as you couldn’t have asked for a better day for racing at Wyant Group Raceway. A heavy downpour passed by the track mid-morning and the skies remained threatening for the next few hours and you could see rain pass through the city, but by the time the gates opened it was blue skies all around the track.

The Super Trucks made their second and final stop in Saskatoon for 2016.
A little light on the count as several trucks were heavily damaged in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago. Only five managed to patch things up enough for this weekend.

As always though, the Super Trucks showed they are competitive and pretty well any of them can win the race. Given a 40 lap feature, the
#18 of Ron Elder Jr. came out on top at the end, being chased down by Terry Kovacs’ #43 truck and the #19 of Cody Lang.

It looks like the racing bug may have bitten Chelsey Wilson again as she had her #13 Sportsman out for the second time in as many weeks. Damen Meier was also able to hit the track as his crops mature, so the Shell V-Power Sportsman had a good car count and put on a terrific race program

Running a 75 lap Shell feature race, it wasn’t until the final couple of laps the finishing order would be settled. At the checkered flag though, it was Cale Siemens in the #28 Lucky Bastard Distillers Pontiac Grand Prix claiming its third feature win in a row. Nicole Sheetka was second in the #42 Rainbow International Restoration Grand Prix and the
#49 Northern Lights Casino Monte Carlo of Ben Busch was third.

Black Flag, Red Flag, Checkered Flag All In Use Wed. At WGR

It was a wild night on the race track Wednesday night as it seemed there was more black flags flying than checkered flags. Racers had asked for a clamp down on rules after the wreck-fest in the Sky Financial Series race a couple of weeks ago, so clamp down they did.

Ryan Fredrickson was tossed from the Street Stock feature race, while Alex Leschenko, Aaron Anderson and Bill Zubrecki were all sent to the pits during the Pro Truck feature.

By the end of the night Brad Wrennick took home the Tiger Automotive Pro Truck feature flag, proudly posing for pictures with his first flag since moving to pro trucks last year. The #88 Prairie Dent Repair Silverado was moving the right direction all night, forward instead of backwards. It was only a matter of time for Wrennick to claim a win, which he did Wednesday night.

The #49 of Shantel Kalika took second place and rookie driver Cpl William Stelzner brought the #14 Silverado across for third.

In the Golf’s Car Wash street stocks, substitute driver Alex Leschenko showed the #81 Camaro owned by Curtis Houben knows how to win races, taking the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock feature. #18 Mike Rea was second, with Kevin Mclaggen bringing up third in the his #63 Chevelle.

The WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Models were looking bright and shiny as usual, considering the number of them that went home in pieces and with pieces missing only a couple of weeks ago. Kenny Heintz was shining too, picking up the feature win in the #62 Floorit Monte Carlo. The win had him dancing on the rooftop, grinning ear to ear.

Rookie Matthew Shirley picked up second in his #12 Saskatoon Co-op Chevy and Rob Janzen in the #17 J&A Heating and Plumbing Chevrolet was third.

Next racing action is Saturday with the Shell Nitro Plus Sportsman running the 100 lap Race for the Cure Feature. Also here on Saturday is the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks and the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks.
This race is in place of the rained out date of June 25. Front gates open at 6:00, with racing starting at 7:00pm on Saturday.

Sparks Fly – Metal Twists Saturday At WRG

Saskatoon race fans witnessed a Bristol style ‘big one’ as an accident in lap 71 saw five cars retired from the Sky Financial Series Astro Towing 150.

The race started good enough.  18 drivers from Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC were picturing the checkered flag as they cruised the 3/8 mile oval at Wyant Group Raceway.  A little bit of slippage as the green flag came out with the 09 of Clint Habart in the lead, followed by Matthew Shirley and Kenny Heintz.

Anticipation was high as a couple of veterans made their way back to racing after a couple of years off.  Trevor Emond made his first trip to Saskatoon in a couple of years and Trent Seidel was sporting new wheels after a few years on the sidelines.

Maybe they were a little too anxious as already in lap five Seidel’s #70 and the #88 of Jason Gervais got together through corner three, sending Trent to the back of the pack and the #88 to the garage for the night.

While Clint Habart led the first five laps, Kenny Heintz took over the lead coming out of caution, a spot he held onto until lap 44, when in two laps the #17 of Rob Janzen dispatched both Habart and Heintz, taking over the lead for the next 20 or so times around the oval.

But what’s this, by lap 63 Trevor Emonds #17x is knocking on Janzens’s door and he takes over the lead by lap 67.  Dean Braham’s #99 is off the pace and coasts to the bottom of the track in lap 69, bringing out the second caution of the race.

The two #17’s are side by side on the restart with 09 in the mix.  Emond gets the edge and pulls ahead leaving Janzen and Habart battling behind.

As they go through corner one and towards corner two the two come together and start to slide, it causes a collection of cars behind as drivers check up.

It’s a mess as you see the rookie driven #12 car of Matthew Shirley literally drive right over top of the #1 of Tony Mikulcik and Seidel’s

2016 Chevy SS.  The #38 of Dave Bone and #15 2016 Challenger of Andrew Hardy take damage as well, knocking all five from the race.  The 09 and

17 come out with rub marks, but have to take the ensuing green from the back of the inside line.

Down to ten cars on the track, Kenny Heintz makes his way back as the cars are lining up for green, two laps down, but still running.

Trevor Emond’s #17x Chevy got the jump, taking the lead he would not relinquish for the rest of the race.  Jim Gaunt tried to run Emond’s tires off, but it was clear Jim’s tires were fading as quickly as Trevor’s.  Jim settled into second, waiting for a mistake, an opportunity to pounce and slide past Emond.

Emond is a seasoned driver though, testing out dozens of tracks around western Canada and the western US.  You don’t see him make a mistake very often, and we didn’t see one Saturday night.

Maybe the Gods were on Jim’s side though.  Habart spins in lap 124 bringing out the caution once again, putting Trevor and Jim side by side for the green.  Clearly Trevor’s car had more left in it than Jim’s, as the 17x drives away like Jim didn’t know where the gas pedal was.

Debris on the track brought out the caution again on lap 140, giving them one more chance to battle it out.  Those last 10 laps though Emond was consistently running 1/10th of a second faster than Gaunt or Janzen.

Emond just had to keep it clean to take home the first win in the 2016 Sky Financial SLM Series.

Wednesday Night At The Races

Tired of dinner and a movie as the only option during the week? Wyant Group Raceway added another option this week with Wednesday night racing. This of course clears the track on the weekend for the Shrine Circus Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday we focused on the Saskatoon Shrine Club Sask Legends and they didn’t disappoint as they put on some tight action packed racing. Wait a minute…. we were supposed to see 20 clowns come out of one of the Legends cars. That didn’t happen.

None of the divisions racing Wednesday evening disappointed race fans.
Even though Jim Barnsley won all three races in the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock division, he had to work his way to the front in every race, with both the #4 of Shawn Magee and #23 of Cole Nixey making that task extremely difficult. A couple of times it looked like Barnsley’s winning streak would come to an end, but alas he made it a perfect nine in a row.

The Law Enforcement Guardian Bandoleros have become a fan favorite, evidenced by the animated cheering from the crowd during their races.
Their skill and confidence grows with each race. The cars being so small, each move in and out of other cars looks gigantic.

Tun Maung, who drives the #1 Law Enforcement Guardian Bandolero has a large following amongst the fans. This is of course the young driver who didn’t know the difference between the brake and gas pedal only three weeks ago. Tonight he won the qualifier race and was on his way to winning the feature when he spun with a couple of laps remaining, putting him to the back of the field without enough time to recover. He did get back to a fifth place finish though.

Ty Stewart, in the #14 Country Style BBQ Bandolero won the heat and feature.

The #49 of Shantel Kalika won the Tiger Automotive Pro Truck heat race, with the #01 of Alex Leschenko taking the qualifier. It was a photo finish in the feature as Kalika and Anderson battled through corners three and four, back and forth for the lead. At the line though it was the #19 of Aaron Anderson across first by mere inches. Shantel had the edge before and after the line, but it’s that first nose over the line that counts.

In the Saskatoon Shrine Club Sask Legends, it was AJ Morrison and Blake Erb trading places all night. Morrison took the #84 to the line first in time trials and the qualifier, but it was Erb’s #21 Legend winning the heat and feature races.

Racing action is back at the Wyant Group Raceway next weekend, with the Sky Financial Series Astro Towing 150 Saturday June 18. The late models are joined by the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks, the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks and the Shell Nitro V-Power Sportsman Divisions. Gates open at
4:30 with the first green flag at 6:05pm

Complete Results:

Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock Division:

Young Racer Ready To Give Back

One of the most important and valuable things that an athlete can do is give back. And a 10-year-old races in Saskatoon is doing just that.

#93 Bandalero driver  Ryley Schneider is going to be raising funds for Autism prior to his race at Wyant Group Raceway on Wednesday night. He is going to be selling puzzle piece decals (puzzle pieces are the Autism symbol) that he will put on the back of his car for the rest of the season.

Through support from his Dad Ron, Ryley has taken on raising funds on his own and has already appeared at a number of events. Helping support Autism and giving back to his sponsors AGI Insurance and Burco Electric not to mention all of his family and friends who are supporting him.

WGR Week 2 Recap

The sun may have been shining down, but so too the wind was blowing throughout the day at Wyant Group Raceway as race teams tuned their cars and trucks in preparation for the first Saturday night racing of the
2016 season.

The Super Trucks were in town, sponsored by Irv’sWestside Auto and C&S Consulting, both out of Edmonton, were in town for their second trip around an oval this year. They raced at Edmonton International Raceway last weekend, before making their first of two stops in Saskatoon.

There may have only been six trucks, but they showed fans they still know how to put on one heck of a tight race where any of them could come out the winner. In the end it was the #76 of Kyle O’Connell from Lloydminster taking home the WGR checkered flag. Kyle bested the field in time trials by more that 2/10th of a second, but crashed out in the first heat. Problems continued to plague the #76 team through the second heat with the truck finishing last.

Things were looking good for the #76 team in the feature as O’Connell took the lead around lap 15 of the 40 lap feature. It came down to a green, white checker finish though and the #43 truck of Dan Saunders knocking on his door for O’Connell to get his truck to the line first and pick up the Saskatoon win.

Racers Beat Rain On Saturday At WGR

The rain started with about five laps to go in the final super late model feature race. There was enough heat in the track the water boiled off and the drivers were able to complete the race.

In the end it was 2015 champion Rob Janzen that took home the first WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Model feature win of the 2016 season, slipping across the finish line just ahead of Kenny Heintz and Howard Crossman.

It was Aaron Anderson picking up the first Tiger Automotive Pro Truck feature win, narrowly ahead of Shantel Kalika and Alex Leschenko.

And in the Shell V-Power Nitro Sportsman Division, Nick Jewel took home the first Wyant Group Feature Flag, beating out Ben Busch and Neil Schneider.

Next racing action is next Saturday, June 4 as the Super Truck Racing Series makes its way form Alberta, joined by the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks, the WSSL Super Late Models and the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks.
Gates open at the Wyant Group Raceway Saturday at 5:00, with the first green flag at 6:05pm

Complete Results:

Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Division:

Time Trials (seconds):
1. #51 Luc Haukaas, 15.429
2. #92 Brennan Kirton, 15.618
3. #01 Alex Leschenko, 15.887
4. #49 Shantel Kalika, 15.956
5. #88 Brad Wrennick, 16.000
6. #19 Aaron Anderson, 16.168
7. #94 Mickey Pogoda, 16.230
8. #52 Robin Boomsma, 16.269
9. #18 Bill Zubrecki, 16.350
10. #5 Ian McLean, 16.378
11. #15 David Lowdermilk, 16.436
12. #14 William Stelzner, 16.719

Heat Race:

Season Opener At WGS Doesn’t Disappoint

It was opening day for the 2016 season at the Wyant Group Raceway, with the Earthworks Equipment Sask Legends, the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks, the Law Enforcement Guardian Bandoleros and the Golfs Car Wash Mini Stocks all taking to the track.

Full Results:

Law EnforcementBandoleros

Time Trials (seconds):
1. #21 Dakota Wollf, 20.430
2. #14 Ty Stewart, 20.491
3. #1 Tun Maung, 22.365
4. #93 Ryley Schneider, 22.376
5. #33 Jasmine Speidel, 22.377
6. #18 Ashton Everitt, 22.418
7. #8 Braxton Clewes, 25.908
8. #20 Caiden Willey, 29.197
9. #47 Cale Heilman, 29.581

Heat Race:
1. #93 Ryley Schneider
2. #14 Ty Stewart
3. #21 Dakota Wollf
4. #1 Tun Maung
5. #18 Ashton Everitt
6. #33 Jasmine Speidel
7. #8 Braxton Clewes
8. #47 Cale Heilman
9. #20 Caiden Willey