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Wrapping Up The Week With Dave’s Dis N’ Dat

Time to wrap up the week with a little of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat… So here we go:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are in Calgary to take on the Stamps tomorrow night. All eyes will be on the running backs, Kory Sheets and Jon Cornish. Perhaps the focus should be on the defensive line and which can exert their will and not only stop the running game but also keep the quarterbacks in the pocket.

Phil Andrews will join me on the pre-game show tomorrow and one point up for discussion will be who the game is more important to. I’m leaning towards agreeing with Phil that the pressure is on Calgary to come up with a dominant performance to not only clinch first place in the west but also to send a message to the Green and White entering the post season.

More from the CFL and Ricky Ray completed 21 straight passes en route to the Argos win over Winnipeg last night. With a meaningless game coming up next week for the Boatmen, Head Coach Scott Milanovich has already said that Ricky Ray won’t play in the finale. That means that his 77.7% completed passes percentage will go down as the best single season mark in league history.

A Smattering Of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat To Wrap Up The Week

Well here with go with some scattered thoughts I like to call Dave’s Dis N’ Dat…

The biggest game of the Riders season goes tomorrow afternoon at Mosaic Stadium. This is going to be a dandy! The Riders in my opinion need to host a play-off game in order to make it to the Grey Cup on their own field and victory will all but secure that. The Lions truth be told don’t want to come back to Regina before the Grey Cup so they need a home play-off game just as much. .

I’ve been asked numerous times this week, “Why would the CFL/Riders schedule a late October game for 5pm in Regina?” The answer I think is simple. 5 o’clock in Regina is 7 o’clock in the East and the other sports program on at 7 eastern on a Saturday night is???? Hockey Night in Canada. TSN is attempting to give the CBC a ratings run for their money with their consistently largest television audience (whenever the Riders play) providing the ammo.

I find the debate interesting between Jon Cornish and Kory Sheets as to who is the best running back in the CFL. At this point I would have to give the edge to Cornish given his body of work. I honestly don’t know where Sheets would be if he wasn’t injured. I do know that we should know the answer in the next couple of weeks as both backs will be looking to carry their teams in a pair of big games, including a head-to-head match-up next week.

Another Top 10 Thoughts On A Tuesday: From The Riders To DeLaet They Crack The List

Good Day and welcome to another of my Top 10 thoughts on this Tuesday morning…

From the good to the bad and in between you will find them all right here from the past 7 days in the world of sports in no particular order…. Until #1!

10 When they do good no one remembers but when they do bad no one forgets. That could be the title of a Saskatchewan Roughrider novel. The Green and White were in Saskatoon yesterday for a Saskatoon Hilltop fundraiser. And while the highly publicized arrests of a two players continues to be talked about, the Riders offered up some big cheques yesterday! $40,000 to the Saskatoon Hilltops to help them make the bottom line, and an additional $50,000 to help with the proposed upgrades to Gordie Howe Bowl. Let’s just call it a curious world we live in when $90,000 can be invested in a community and nary receive a mention but when a situation arises that may shed 2 of 53 or 54 players in a shady light the media is all over it. I’m just sayin’!

9 The other big move, literally, that the Saskatchewan Roughriders made on the weekend was acquiring 6’ 6” rush end Alex Hall from Winnipeg.

Things Are Coming To A Head In This Weeks Top 10

From Head Scratchers, to Head Shots, to Head of the Class we will look at them all in this week’s edition of my Top 10 Tuesday…

10 Well let’s start with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and talk about a head scratcher. The Green and White are on a four game losing streak and are now desperate for victories. So what has happened to the team since their last win on Labour Day? The offence seemingly cannot pick up a blitz nor do they have a run game. Defensively the team is on the field way to much while on Special Teams the club up until last week wasn’t getting much of a spark from the third phase. So what can the team do? Personnel changes can’t happen in this short week, the coaching staff isn’t going anywhere. So, are the Riders left to pull themselves up out of this? Absolutely and they can but good luck in a tough BC Place stadium that has never been friendly to the Green and White.

It’s Friday With Dave’s Dis N’ Dat!

Here we go as always wrapping up the week with some of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat!!!!

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are off to Montreal on Sunday in a huge game for both teams. Depending on what Edmonton does against Toronto tomorrow the Als could be fighting to keep their post season spot alive while the Riders need to stop the bleeding and their 3 game losing streak.

The most important facet of this game will be for the Riders to rediscover their identity. The team has appeared to be in rudderless since returning from their bye week. The team needs get back to doing what they do well and executing their game plan on both sides of the ball.

A Consequential Top 10 Tuesday:

A Consequential Top 10 Tuesday:

Consequences… Kavis Reed vowed that there would be consequences… This Tuesday Top 10 is dedicated to consequences in the world of sport…

10 Andre Prolux is NOT a bad referee, but he is a BAD public speaker. The consequences of Andre Proulx not being able to communicate his message to a stadium or television audience makes him and the league look bush. There is no doubting the fact that Proulx grades out as one of the top officials in the CFL as he and his crew get the majority of calls correct. However, his inability to relay those decisions is a black mark.

9 Dwight Anderson, Taj Smith and Eron Riley’s arrest has not thrown the season away for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Wrapping Up The Week With Some Of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat!

Time to wrap up the week with a little of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat:

Well unfortunately for the Saskatchewan Roughriders instead of focusing on the Toronto Argonauts and bouncing back from just their second loss of the season the team is dealing with an off-field distraction. The arrests of Dwight Anderson and Taj Smith yesterday were surprising and honestly couldn’t have come at a worse time for the team.

I am not going to act like judge and jury in the case nor do I think that anyone has the right to do so. The Riders are in a tough spot though where they are going to have to. The team’s code of conduct is going to be put to the test with the pair, as neither have been convicted of anything. General Manager Brendan Taman and Head Coach Corey Chamblin are in a now win situation; If they play the pair what will the backlash be from the community?

Yep It’s Friday! Time For More Of Dis ‘N Dat: Riders/Blades/Politics/CFL and More

Time to wrap up the week with a little more of Dis N’ Dat…

From the CFL, to the sale of the Saskatoon Blades, to Bowling and of course MLB we’ll cover it all as we wind down the week!

OK starting with the CFL and what do the Montreal Alouettes and the 1991 Saskatchewan Provincial election have in common?  

A.A From N.B Gets ‘W’

You couldn’t have written a better story line for North Batteford’s Andrew Albers.

The first Saskatchewanian to play in the majors in decades was spectacular in his first start in the big leagues.

Albers held Kansas City to just four hits while pitching into the ninth inning in Minnesota’s 7-nothing win over the Royals.

It’s Another Top Ten Tuesday!

Here we go again with a random look at my ten Tuesday thoughts from the week that as in the world of sports.

10 – So Alex Rodriguez gets suspended along with a dozen major leaguers in the sport’s biggest drug bust. A-Rod lead the way with a 211 game suspension. However, while all other players have seemingly accepted their punishment A-Rod was on the field last night making his season debut after recovering from off-season hip surgery. He’s now allowed to play until an appeal can be heard. That apparently could take months. Wow! Here I thought that the CFL had the worst suspension policy in professional sports.