Blades Grind It Out To Start The Off Season


The Saskatoon Blades are taking strides to head into the summer on the right foot as the team continues to look forward during their on-ice rebuild.

The organization is very happy to announce that the team is bringing in a pair of individuals who helped create Team Canada’s Own The Podium organization for the Olympics, Todd Allinger and Jacques Thibault, to help in the team’s fitness testing.

Allinger and Thibault will put Blades players through both on-ice and off-ice fitness testing on Monday, March 17th before they depart for their various hometowns throughout western Canada.

“When the opportunity came up to bring in a team with world-class credentials and proven success at the Olympic level, it was a no-brainer,” said Blades managing partner Colin Priestner.  “It’s a great opportunity to bring them in to help develop our players using unique and proven methods that have helped improve some of the world’s best athletes.”

The fitness testing will include an hour on the ice and an hour in the weight room.  The goal will be to give management a set of scientific data to compare and contrast throughout the summer and into next fall.  It is also designed to find deficiencies in technique for players to work on and improve during their offseason training programs.

The off-ice testing will include vertical jump measurements and the players going through the Wingate test, which uses a workout bike to find peak anaerobic power and capacity.  The on-ice testing will include skating speed, agility and shot power.

Allinger and Thibault helped found Own The Podium.  On The Podium is an organization which was created and aimed to prepare Canadians for peak performance during the Olympic games.  Allinger and Thibault were also hired by Team Russia to help prepare athletes ahead of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, an event in which Russia led the field in both Gold medals won and in the overall medal count.

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