An Award Winning Edition Of Dave’s Dis N Dat!

In no way am I saying that this is deserving of any or consideration for any awards. However when reviewing headlines from the week there are a number of awards that I would like to hand out. So with that being said the vote(s) are in and here are the award winners from the week.

The Harry Houdini Award goes to fans of the Moose Jaw Warriors. As good friend Michael Ball would say a lot of fans went to the rink dressed as empty seats on Tuesday night for game three of their second round WHL play-off series. I understand that the team dropped the first two games of the set with Brandon in Manitoba but there has to be some concern there.

The Green for Blue Award goes to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who posted a $4.4-million profit in 2015 despite not making the play-offs or selling out the Grey Cup Game that they hosted. Tip of the cap to the Manitoba men who have done a nice job turning the franchise around off the field. Now, can they get it together on the field.

The Innovation Award Goes To The CJFL. In trying to promote more competition and the junior game in Western Canada the league announced that they have added inter-locking play as part of the 2016 schedule. Both the Saskatoon Hilltops and Winnipeg Rifles will play regular season games in B.C. I would love to know the finances that are going to make this work. Secondly, I am curious about competitive balance, what if either team misses hosting a home play-off game or the post-season from possible points lost on a long road trip?

The Go Big Or Go Home Award this week is for the Saskatchewan Rush who will play a home and home with Colorado this weekend that will likely determine the order of finish in the Western Division. The back half of the series will be played at Sasktel Centre in front of a sold out crowd tomorrow night. There is a lot of anticipation for the game and the Rush will have a ton of pressure to deliver.

The Mr. Peabody Time Machine Award goes to the city of Saskatoon who is once again debating building a downtown arena. This plan won’t happen overnight but the ludicrous idea doesn’t have a lot of sporting merit to it. I’ll elaborate on that another time.

The Good News Of The Week Award goes to Darian Durant. He completed in all activities at the Saskatchewan Roughrider Mini-Camp in Florida this week. That’s a great sign for Rider Nation. A healthy Darian is a huge step towards turning the team around in 2016.

The Head Scratcher of the Week goes to the Toronto Blue Jays. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the team doesn’t use Justin Smoak more often. The switch-hitter seems to get the job done at the plate when he gets an opportunity. He also is a defensive upgrade from Chris Colabello and Edwin Encarnacion as he is often a late inning defensive replacement for both. So with the two of them struggling mightily why not get the Smoak show at the plate?

The Hypocrisy Award goes to the NHL. The league’s second season began this week. Honestly, I can tell you that I have watched all of four minutes of play-off action thus far. It’s not because I don’t have time or interest its plain and simply the fact that I find it hard to watch the NHL continue with a different set of rules for 64 nights after a six month plus season. The best should be the best using the same rules all year long.

Well that’s all for this week!
Enjoy the weekend!