A Tuesday Top 10: Fire Gibbons? Time To Blow Up The Riders? Should the Dinos Apologize?

It’s back! My weekly musings on all things from the world of sports from the past seven days.

So in no particular order here are my scattered thoughts.

10 – Well that was ugly in BC. The Saskatchewan Roughriders were trounced 46-20 in Vancouver on Saturday night.There was very little intensity and the care factor seemed to be nil. In the Green and White’s defence there are some key veterans on the sidelines. However, with that being said it is time to blow the team up from the leaders to the underachieving rookies. If you are not performing the time is now to make some tough decisions. The Riders will get carte blanche for a season before heading into the new stadium, so the time for change has come.

9 – Staying with the CFL and I was a little leery when it was mentioned that Henry Burris could be in the CFL Hall of Fame. To be honest Henry has never raised the calibre of talent around him. However, something has to be said when it comes to his longevity, ability to stay healthy and the display that he put on last week! A record 45 competitions in his dismantling of Montreal last week was impressive if not to say MOP and HOF worthy.

8 – More football and full marks to the Calgary Dinos on their big win over the Saskatchewan Huskies on Saturday.Their 59-19 win showed their big play capability and their poise and patience waiting to capitalize on their opponent’s mistakes. With that being said I will admit that I wondered aloud if they were trying to show up the Dogs in the win. Leaving their starters in, especially Hec Crighton winner QB Andrew Buckley, late into the blow-out. BUT in conversation with the Huskie coaches following the game their message was simple Calgary earned the right to do that and stepping on an opponent’s throat is part of what makes them successful. There is still a piece of me thinking that it was also sending a message to the Dogs who will host them after the bye week.

7 – One more from the Huskies and I love the answer Drew Burko provided on our post-game show following the loss. In the game he moved into second all-time in career passing yards for the Dogs. When asked about it he shrugged of the achievement saying that, “I’ve been around a long time,” which lead to the numbers and pointed out that other guys on the list have more play-off and big game wins than he does. It’s that competitive fire that makes me think big things are coming for the Huskie QB.

6 – On the hockey ice, did you know that the SJHL Showcase event is on in Warman right now? If you didn’t you are not alone. Judging by the number of people in the seats at the Legends Centre there doesn’t appear to be many fans that know it either. The SJHL is missing a huge opportunity to promote their game and their product but not even a news release to Saskatoon media is a head scratcher. I get it, the event is to put your talent in front of American College scouts. With that being said if you truly have eyes on Warman as an expansion site, want to convince Saskatoon and Area players to look at the SJHL as a great junior hockey option or simply want to gain some prominence in the media you had a huge opportunity to accomplish all of the above with all of your teams in one place at one time. Ooops!

5 – More hockey and the Saskatoon Blades dropped their third extra-time decision in a row Sunday with a loss to Lorne Molleken’s Vancouver Giants. Firstly it was a very classy move by the Blades to recognize Mooner on the centre ice score clock. With that being said a win would have been more appreciated by the 3600 in attendance. BUT a point is still a point.

4 – To that point I am still not sold on the 3-on-3 overtime format. Undoubtedly coaches will find a way to scuttle the creativity and fun that could be had with all of that extra ice. With that being said one change I would make is taking away the “loser” point for the loss. Removing that point will see teams press harder in regulation instead of hanging back to get a point. AND it could open things up further in 3-on-3 with teams going for the win!

3 – In the NHL the league has finally done the right thing. The 41-game suspension handed to Raffi Torres was perfect. Now to see if it can stand up to appeal.

2 – Excitement is building in Toronto for the Blue Jays and a post season push. Don’t think that it is going to happen though as I really think Manager John Gibbons has them set up to fail. Going 1-and-4 down the stretch with an opportunity to clinch the A-L AND allowing the team’s AL clinching win celebration to go over the top, to the point starters couldn’t play because they were hung over and in the club house catching a nap during a rain delay is embarrassing. Him allowing that type of celebration has given the team the just happy to be there mentality. That won’t win in the post season.

1 – One more on Gibbons and I get that he was trying to get Mark Buerle to 200 innings on the season which would have been huge for him individually. But having him start on one day’s rest was ludicrous. He should have had the team come out and try to play for Buerle and get a lead so he could have come in and pitch the 7th and 8th inning to get the time in. Horrible mismanagement! It makes me wonder if this team can dial up the intensity needed to face a tough Texas team in the ALDS.