A Tardy Top 10 Tuesday:

Yes I know that it’s a day late but hopefully not a dollar short. Another intriguing seven days has come and gone in the world of sports. Here’s my weekly take in no particular order:

10 – First off congratulations to the Saskatchewan Rush and their sellout crowd of 14,941 at Sasktel Centre on Saturday night. That makes it the only sporting event that I can ever recall selling out Sasktel Centre. Wow! Well done.

9 – Truthfully I am in awe of the marketing machine that is the Saskatchewan Rush. They have developed a product, created demand for the product all despite having what seemed to be an ample supply of tickets for their games. That being said, the Rush have cranked it up another notch after clinching a home-play-off game they have already released their post-season ticket purchasing plan. In addition to booking play-off seats the team has rolled out its’ 2017 season ticket purchasing plan. Wow these guys are on top of their game!

8 – Congratulations to Zenon Park. The community of 187 had over 200 show up for their 6th annual Sports Celebrity Dinner featuring Grant Fuhr and Damon Allen. I had the pleasure of serving as MC for the evening that put $20,000 back into the community to maintain and increase recreational opportunities in the community. What a great event!

20160402_1922337 – What I learned at the dinner. Not only did I have the opportunity to speak with Damon at the dinner but we rode up together. In picking his brain on the way up I posed the question, “if you were a General Manager for a day in the CFL and had the opportunity to pick one quarterback from any team in the league for your group who would you take?” After a half minute his answer was Darian Durant is definitely up there. That allowed me to dig a little further asking why Darian. He simply said that when Darian has all of his tools at his disposal (Running, Reacting To Defences, and Throwing) that he is a force to be reckoned with.

6 – One more from Damon and he was genuinely excited to be in the heart of Rider Nation. Before I could even ask the veteran of 23 CFL seasons, he quipped, “I wish I had a chance to experience this in my career.” I was somewhat surprised and asked, “a kid from San Diego that played in Toronto, Vancouver, Memphis, Ottawa and Hamilton wants to come to the fish bowl in Saskatchewan?” He was quick to point out that he wanted to experience it, not live it! Ha, ha, ha.

5 – The other attraction was NHL Hall of Famer Grant Fuhr. I had an opportunity to sit on stage with the legendary goaltender in a hot stove session with questions of my own and from those in attendance. My favorite answers from Grant; Yes the NHL should be at the Olympics, he wished he had the opportunity. Carey Price would be his goaltender if he could pick anyone in the league as his starter. The Oliers while being a long way from Cup contenders are progressing. AND Steve Smith didn’t say anything after putting the puck into his own net off the back of Grant’s Leg in the 1989 play-offs.

4 – Staying on the ice and congratulations to the organizers and volunteers at the Telus Cup Western Regionals in Saskatoon last week. The event at Rod Hamm arena went off without a hitch and was very well done. The icing on the cake, of course, was the host Saskatoon Contacts winning the tournament in overtime with the opportunity to represent the region at the national level.

3 – On the pebbled ice where a palm to forehead for the Canadian Mixed Doubles Championship in Saskatoon is required. Firstly, the organizers put on a great event at the Nutana. AND it was neat to see some of the biggest names in curling at the event competing in what has become an Olympic event. The head scratcher is that the event is to determine a Canadian duo that will represent our country at the World Championship. However, the winning duo wasn’t able to attend due to prior commitments. The silver medalist wasn’t able to go either so at the conclusion of the event Curling Canada still didn’t have a representative, geesh. Perhaps the athletes are showing the amount of prestige they put in the new event.

2 – To baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays season has opened with two wins and a controversial loss in Tampa Bay. Last night major league’s baseball new sliding policy came to light with an instant review that proved Jose Bautista went out of his way to disrupt a throw from second to first which broke up a double-play. With that being said the right call was made and I like it. Keeping the athletes on the field and protecting them is a big priority and I think the system worked flawlessly.

1 – One more on the Jays and could someone please ask John Gibbons to try on a uniform? Wearing the warm-up jersey that he does all season is like the same sweater that my dad wore when he came home from work in the 80’s complete with the food stains. Geesh the optics are horrible. Additionally, could he not bring himself to stand up for an interview? Reclining back in his chair or slouching in the dugout looks like Tom Hanks at the start of, ‘League of Their Own.’ Then again, like Hanks as manager of the Rockford Peaches, I am not sure that Gibbons has a lot to do. I can’t think of a managerial decision that he has made that won the team a game. Heck last night the Jays gave up their lead to Tampa Bay after he left his lefty Brett Cecil in the game to pitch to a Righty who went deep. At least play the match-ups Gibby!