A Questionable Top 10 Tuesday:

Well ToonTownSports.net is getting back on track after some new developments behind the scenes.

To get back on track it’s the return of the Top Ten Tuesday. Today a look at some of the biggest post-season questions facing the Canadian Football League. In no particular order here’s today’s list:

10 – Well just like in the NHL the subject of Compensation for hiring football personnel from one team to another has come up with the Edmonton Eskimos hiring of Jason Maas. So the question is should there be such compensation in the CFL? The answer has to be no! So long as coaches are not making lateral moves and actually moving up the ladder then moves, like Jason Maas from offensive coordinator in Ottawa to Head Coach in Edmonton, must be allowed. Good organizations develop good people and coaches. They just need to follow through on that development model.

9 – So, what is Jason Maas worth to the Eskimos? The question may be what is Maas worth to the REDBLACKS? As I see it unless Ottawa is firing Rick Campbell and hiring Maas his worth is that of an offensive coordinator. So Edmonton should not be penalized in any way for allowing him to move up the food chain, and perhaps most importantly, return to a city where he and his family have established roots. All that being said I can see Edmonton being punished with a second or third round pick.

8 – Is Jason Maas ready to be a Head Coach? It sounds like a conservative election ad. To be truthful we won’t know until the mid-point of the 2016 season. Maas has the tools to be a great coach but a lot of his job may come down to finding other quality coaches to round out his staff.

7 – It can be said that the Saskatchewan Roughriders started this whole thing by backing up the Brinks truck in hiring Chris Jones. So, did the Riders do wrong? In all honesty it does set a dangerous precident. However, with that being said the Eskimos haven’t publicly objected which should be carte blanche for the CFL and its fans.

6 – Saying that the Riders started all of this perhaps isn’t accurate as didn’t the Riders have this happen to them first? When Ken Austin left following the 2007 Grey Cup for Ole Miss the Green and White didn’t gripe when he returned to Hamilton and the CFL.

5 – One more on the CFL and how long will Jeffrey Orridge remain the Comissioner of the CFL? After a horrible state of the league address, brutal new league logo and embarrassing display at the Grey Cup. There are a lot of rumblings calling for his head. If there’s smoke…

4 – So what is biggest wish for the CFL in 2016? Honestly I believe they hope that the Riders return to prominence. As the Riders go so seemingly do television ratings, attendance and overall league interest.

3 – So now to the Riders and what is the top priority for Chris Jones and the Roughriders? I think first and foremost its’ evaluation. Jones and his player personnel people need to see where they are and what their neg list and current roster players have to offer before examining the free-agent pool.

2 – With that being said who is the Riders biggest potential free-agent? With all due respect to receiver Ryan Smith my vote goes to linbacking hybrid Weldon Brown. His season ending injury early in 2015 was major blow to the Rider D that also lost Shea Emery in the middle of the defence to a long term injury.

AND 1 – With all of that being said who is the biggest potential free agent in the CFL? To me running back Andrew Harris is a team changer. His National status can immediately impact a team’s ratio. That being said a cloe second may be Trevor Harris of the Toronto Argonauts. He appears ready to step in as a starter. Considering the Boatmen have re-upped Ricky Ray the time may be now for Harris to step in and lead a team. Possible destinations could be Winnipeg (Drew Willy was banged up all last year), Ottawa (Henry Burris can’t play forever) or maybe even B.C. (Travis Lulay hasn’t been the same since injuring his shoulder).