A Questionable Top 10 Thoughts on a Tuesday!

As they say inquiring minds want to know. I’d love to say that I have all of the answers… However sometimes you just need to concede, scratch your head, and move on.

With that being said in no particular order here are my top head scratchers from the week that was in the sporting world. Feel free to drop a comment if you have the answers.

10 – Why will the drought continue for the WHL’s Saskatchewan franchises? The elimination of the Regina Pats from the post-season over the weekend means that there will not be an Ed Chenoweth Cup winner from the province for 23 years. Yes, that dates back to the 1993 Swift Current Broncos. Is it coaching? Scouting? Finances? Unwillingness to commit to play in SK by top prospects?

9 – Speaking of top prospects the cream of the crop is apparently headed to Edmonton. The Oilers won the NHL draft lottery for the fourth time in five seasons and will undoubtedly select Phenom, Connor McDavid. Fans from across the world have pointed to McDavid’s reaction to the news that Edmonton had won the lottery and the less than flattered look he had on his face. That being said what was the NHL’s reaction to result of the lottery? You would have to think they would have preferred for him to land in Arizona to inject some interest into that market. OR would keeping him in a TV friendly Eastern Conference city, for example Buffalo, be more preferential? I will submit that Toronto wasn’t even on the NHL’s radar as the franchise will be fine without him off the ice, on the ice is a different story.

8 – Back to the reaction of McDavid, was it unfair to be zeroed in on him when the winner of the lottery was announced? At the end of the day capturing that emotion was the dream of every television executive, however, forgetting that he is just a teenager may have been a little heavy handed.

7 – How big are the Sportsnet TV Studios? Firstly I thought that the draft lottery was very well done by the new NHL broadcaster. That being said showing the executives and prospects walking through the halls with the odd camera man slamming into said walls seemed to take forever.

6 – Last McDavid question and you can answer this one to the right. With McDavid undoubtedly going to be selected by the Edmonton Oilers will you now purchase tickets on the chance that the team may bring him with them to Saskatoon when they play Minnesota in September?

5 – To the ice and full marks to Winnipeg and Jets fans for filling their building and making it the toughest place to play in the NHL. So the question has to be, does Winnipeg have the best building atmosphere in the NHL? I would have submitted the old Chicago Stadium was the tops of the list maybe followed by Madison Square Garden prior to last night.

4 – When it comes to that atmosphere what was Sportsnet doing? They brought out Don Cherry to a huge ovation but then they went to commercial just prior to the Jets taking the ice. What a disappointment.

3 – Why does the opposition have to walk across the ice at the M-T-S Centre in Winnipeg? The modern facility for some reason does not have access for the visitors from their bench to their dressing room. Was it an oversight or home-ice advantage?

2 – Who is the biggest villain in this season’s NHL post-season? Michael Ferland? Kevin Bieksa? Alex Burrows? P.K. Subban? Ryan Kessler? Cory Perry?

1 – Blue is the color and football is the game? Apparently the Saskatchewan Roughriders no longer have exclusivity on the, “Green Is The Color,” song. A reliable source pointed out to me that during an English Premiership League game over the weekend, featuring Manchester United, fans could be audibly heard singing “Blue Is The Color.” I guess that impression is the most sincere form of flattery.