A Holiday Special Top 10 Tuesday:

Firstly, my thanks to those who have inquired! Yes, I am OK and everything is fine. I’m vacationing from the radio station again this week so yes updates have been/will be sporadic but exciting things are on the horizon thanks to your loyalty to this site!
So, without further ado here are my 10 thoughts from the week that was in the world of sports in no particular order.

10 – Test driving the Ford: Well, Will Ford was the latest to play in the Saskatchewan Roughrider offensive backfield. He was also the third back this season to run for 100+ yards in a game. If you said the Saskatchewan Roughriders the day after Kory Sheets signed with Oakland that they would be able to add Will Ford to the position they would gladly have made that deal. However, Ford did make mistakes in his season debut on Saturday night at Mosaic mainly in the blocking game and on a couple of play action plays. That being said he had a great burst through holes opened up by the Rider offensive line, more so that what I have seen from Anthony Allen thus far this season.

9 – Offense grounded! While Will Ford looked good running the ball the Rider still cannot seem to get any production from the passing game. When Chris Getzlaf returns from injury (which very likely will be three games from now) he will help, however, both Chaz Schilens and Brett Swain seem to struggle making post/pre-snap reads which makes them unavailable and covered for Darian Durant.

8 – The D gets an A: I loved the tenacity of the Rider defence. The starting 12 made a statement with two takeaways early and were then relentless in their pursuit of the ball. Additionally, their pursuit to the ball was a great sign.

7 – Kickers, we’re talking about kickers? Yes one of the post-game discussions that took place on the Roughrider Radio Network post-game show. Chris Milo missed a makeable first half field goal from inside the 45 again in the game. I know that miss caught the attention of a few in the Riders hierarchy. It will be interesting to see if they act on that concern. One name that is floating out there is Luca Congi.

6 – Kickers the sequel: On the other foot, Josh Bartel brings big things to the table for the Riders. His ability to kick on the run will allow the team to set up fakes later on in the season. Additionally, he can kick with both legs so he can roll to his right and left which on a windy day late in the season could be huge to help with field position.

5 – Speaking of fakes: Edmonton Head Coach Chris Jones is being shredded on social media for his decision late in the opening half to attempt a fake punt out of his end zone. Of course, if it works he looks like a genius but that wasn’t the case. To me that move will pay off huge down the road! The Eskimos had other opportunities to make plays to change the outcome but they were unable to so to say the fake cost Edmonton the game is erroneous. The confidence that it showed to his team was invaluable and will be another brick in the foundation of trust that he is establishing with his new team.

4 – Rub it in, Rub it in! It’s too bad the season series between Toronto and Saskatchewan is over! To say that the Boatmen were a little upset late in the game with the Riders continuing to push the ball downfield with Tino Sunseri in at quarterback is an understatement. AND then when the Rider coach Corey Chamblin challenged a pass interference call late there were a few choice words uttered.

3 – Speaking of too bad: It’s too bad that Graham DeLaet could not build off of a record setting second round at the Canadian Open last week . The Weyburn product was the top Canadian in the field and many feel he will break into the win column at some point this season. The story book finish would have been on the weekend. However, as it is with all young athletes consistency will be the key to his success.

2 – All eyes on Alex: The clock is on Alex Anthopolis! The Toronto Blue Jays General Manager has until Thursday’s MLB trade deadline to bolster his roster. His acquisition of infielder Danny Valencia from Kansas City may or may not fulfill a need at second base, as he has spent the majority of his career at third base and who knows if he would move to second when Brett Lawrie is healthy. One thing that is for sure is that the Jays surge in their last ten games has shown that in the depleted AL East they have a chance to make the post-season.

1 – YJ’s Stung! Staying with baseball and the Saskatoon Yellow Jackets, who are 6-games under .500, is all but over as they have failed to make the post-season. It would have been interesting should the Jackets have qualified for the second season as word on the street is that the Jackets would have played that series in Kindersley due to a scheduling conflict with Cairns Field. Does that mean that there has been some groundwork laid for the return of the WMBL to Kindersley? Does that mean that the ground work has been laid for the Yellow Jackets to relocate? Interesting thoughts!

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