A Football Fill Is In Store On This Week’s Top 10 Tuesday:

Once again in no particular order I present my thoughts on the week that was in the world of sports in no particular order.

10 – Number ten should actually be number forty-one. Kerry Joseph at the age of 41 did what a pair of raw quarterbacks nearly half of his age didn’t do. He lead the Saskatchewan Roughrider offence back into respectability by using his smarts, his arm and his ability to avoid the rush and move the football.

9 – Canning Cortez. I can’t believe that there still is a vocal majority that want to see Offensive Coordinator George Cortez canned. His job is to make a cake out of the ingredients provided by General Manager Brendan Taman. Those ingredients are thinning, however, due to injury but let’s face it the Grey Cup winning coordinator form a year ago didn’t forget how to coach last night.

8 – Did Tino get a chance to succeed? Even more inexplicable to me are fans that are condemning the Riders for not giving Tino Sunseri a fair shake with the plays that were called for him. Again I say you have to give your team the best opportunity to be successful. In the Riders opinion and game planning that was to run the ball to set up the pass. Unfortunately, the Green and White could not execute what opened up as a result of the running game.

7 – So what would you prefer? I also was asked why George Cortez seems to hold back so much of the playbook. Again in my opinion, if you look at last year he didn’t open the playbook with Darian’s legs and some of the formations that they used until they needed it, which happened to be in the play-offs. So, would you rather have a 12 or 4 win season like Calgary has been putting up using most of their playbook or would you rather be solid going into the play-offs with something up your sleeve. The choice in the end is yours.

6 – When you’re hot you’re hot! I’m still not sold on the Montreal Alouettes, however, they are the hottest team in the CFL with 4 straight wins AND they have done it against some formidable opponents. I will point to the injuries that the Stamps and Riders had entering those games to perhaps diminish the Als victories. At the end of the day though Montreal could just be coming on at the right time.

5 – The only other team to scare me in the East is Hamilton. The Argonauts inconsistency will be their undoing while the Ti-Cats finally can play and practice in Steel Town which I thing is a big reason behind their resurgence in the second half.

4 – Back at home I feel for the Regina Thunder. The reigning Canadian champions were ousted from the post season by the Calgary Colts on the weekend. A late game interception allowed the Colts to set up for the winning field goal which they connected on. The Thunder have been without their starting Quarterback since week 7. That being said Spence Mack is no slouch engineering one of the finest come-backs I have ever seen but he was not Regina’s number one which is who you want to see at this time of the year.

3 – Speaking of seeing number one here’s to Wayndel Lewis and his recovery from a foot injury. The Hilltop running back left the PFC semi-final with assistance from his team mates after being rolled up upon. The 1000 yard rusher has bruised defences all season and I know that it would mean a lot to him to get back into the line-up on Sunday. That being said, here’s to the Hilltops medical staff for the outstanding behind the scenes work they provide.

2 – All that being said this weekend’s Prairie Football Conference Final between the Saskatoon Hilltops and Calgary Colts is going to be a dandy with two young teams looking to represent the PFC in the Canadian Bowl in BC. I’ll have all the action starting at 12:30pm on Sunday on CJWW.

1 – Last note to hockey and it is going to be very interesting to see the legal battle that is brewing between the Canadian Hockey League and its’ players. The class action law suit that has been filed against the owners claims that players or their employees are earning less than minimum wage. One argument, of course, is that when franchises are being bought and sold for millions of dollars there has to be more money for the players. However, the educational opportunites that the CHL provides its’ players is second to none and should be factored, with health, and equipment benefits that are also extended to the players. This is going to be very interesting.

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