A Final Top Ten Tuesday, of August:

Well as time winds down on summer vacation here in no particular order are my thoughts from the week that was in the world of sports in no particular order.

10 – Mixed Emotions: I’m not sure how to feel about the release of Weston Dressler from the Kansas City Chiefs. There is the excitement of possibly seeing him back in the CFL. There also is the disappointment for him that his dream of playing in the NFL may be over.

9 – Courting Dressler: To no one’s surprise every team in the Canadian Football League will offer Weston Dressler a contract and with the salary cap rising the will be a lot of dollars thrown at the perennial all-star. Many in Rider Nation believe he make take a home town discount especially considering that he worked for the team in the off season. That all being said I think it truly is a 50-50 shot as to whether or not he returns to the only team he has known in the CFL. I was shocked when Andy Fantuz left the fold. Time will tell for Weston. 8 – Saskatchewan Tough: First I want to wish Scott McHenry a speedy recovery from an undisplaced fracture involving the sixth cervical vertebrae. The Roughriders expect him to make a full recovery so I wish the class act all the best moving forward. On that note of moving how tough is McHenry? He walked off the field with a broken neck, wow!

7 – Credit Where Credit Is Due: Full marks to Tino Sunseri for coming in and efficiently and effectively doing what was asked of him in B.C. in relief of an injured Darian Durant. His performance has been criticized here earlier this season but he came in and did what was asked of him and was it not for a pair of dropped passes he could have blown the game in Vancouver wide open.

6 – Line of the week 1: “That was a Tony Champion-like catch, “Rider Radio Network host and View From the Sidelines Panelist Michael Ball in referring to Dan Clark’s second career touchdown in BC on Sunday. What a catch from a 300 pounder.

5 – Line of the week 2: “Dan Clark just ran back to the sidelines after making the incredible touchdown catch and passed Rob Bagg who said how did you do that!” From Leader Post Sports Editor Rob Vanstone’s twitter account.

4 – I hate to say I told you so! The Instant Replay of Pass Interference has become as I feared a complete debacle. Coaches are challenging on the basis of something might have happened on that play instead of something did happen on that play. The league is embarrassing itself and they need to figure out a way to move forward.

3 – Speaking of embarrassing: The Hamilton Tiger Cats, the City of Hamilton, and the Canadian Football League should feel shame for allowing what’s gone on in Hamilton. The construction delays at Tim Horton’s Field have forced the Ti-Cats to play out of an ill-equipped Mc Master Stadium. It’s so bad that the CFL can’t even get proper replays to review disputed plays. The latest bumble is the announcement that they will partially open the stadium on Labour Day, unless they aren’t ready at which time there apparently is a contingency plan to play at Rogers Centre in Toronto. What a gaff!

2 – A sign of the times? So the latest billboard campaign of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in other CFL cities appears to be ruffling some feathers. The BC Lions were apparently so upset that they guaranteed a victory of the Riders on Sunday a move that cost them 33,000 tickets. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are apparently the latest to be offended. There is a fine line between confident and cocky and at the end of the day I’m not so sure that the Riders haven’t crossed it. HOWEVER, the CFL should be thanking their lucky stars as people in Vancouver, Winnipeg and even Ottawa are talking about the CFL which isn’t always the case late in August.

1 – Jose Bautista tossed from another game on the weekend and then his spot in the order is the last out in the game. Yes, same old same old Blue Jays games. I think that’s time Jays severe ties with their current nucleus as it just isn’t working. When the going gets tough Bautista gets going.

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