A Classy Move And A Chance To Be Classy On A Top 10 Tuesday

Here is a smattering of thoughts on this Top 10 Tuesday Morning.

10 – Word this week is that the University of Saskatchewan has finally decided that it’s time to replacing the antiquated Rutherford Arena in Saskatoon. Good news for the Huskies but it should be good news for the community! This in my mind is a big test for the University and their commitment to community. It’s no secret that ice time is at a premium in Saskatoon, will the U of S play nice and work with the city and Minor Hockey to build a facility with more than one sheet of ice that can be home of the Huskies, fulfill the needs of Campus Rec, and help with a much needed capital expenditure for our young children.

9 – Further clarification on that one. Not for a moment am I suggesting that the University foot the bill for much needed ice pads in our city. Moreover I am saying that the University hopefully will work in conjunction with other user groups to build something that can benefit more than U of S students. Many user groups within Saskatoon were disgruntled with the handling of upgrades to Griffiths Stadium and the exclusivity that University programs were given to the field turf field.

8 – The NHL hockey season has come and gone and the Montreal Canadiens are the lone Canadian representative in the post-season. Of the Canadian teams that didn’t qualify I would say the Edmonton Oilers are furthest from reaching the play-offs. From the outside looking in there are some major issues with the entire organization top to bottom that has frayed relations. Case in point only a trio of players showed up at Ryan Smyth’s retirement news conference. That to me is a big issue.

7 – One thing you have to give the Oilers credit for is the class that they showed Smytty in his last game. Allowing his son to stand on the ice beside him for the anthem, his father on the bench for warm-up, giving him every opportunity to score a Power Play goal that would have given him an outright Oiler record and allowing him to do a goodbye lap(s) with his family on the ice after the game was a huge show of respect.

6 – Speaking of class. I thought it showed a lot of mojo by the Vancouver Canucks, who never had a chance again the Oilers that night, to come back out from their dressing room to congratulate Smyth on his career post-game.

5 – One more on the Canucks and as a camera-person I would be irked at Kevin Bieksa, as a person I am thrilled. The Canucks Assistant Captain made sure to block the camera view while Daniel Sedin was receiving medical attention on the ice before he was stretchered off the ice.

4 – More from the NHL and the league should feel shame that Brendan Shanahan, a league employee has been hired by a team during the season. The optics are horrible! Are other teams courting high level NHL execs during the season. Isn’t there a conflict of interest concern?

3 – One more from the NHL and a new survey shows that 1 in 5 Canadians will wager on the NHL play-offs. That seems pretty low considering the number of play-off drafts that I have been asked to take part in this week.

2 – To golf and my comment that Graham DeLaet was “just happy to be there” last week raised some eyebrows. He did, however, answer my concerns with an even par round on Friday. In an event where Bubba Watson finished the event at 8-under. DeLaet’s even par showed that he belongs in the field. Here’s hoping for a strong showing for the rest of the season by the Weyburn native so that he can get an invite back next year.

1 – Lastly, I wonder if the Saskatchewan Curling Association is worried yet! After allowing a number of teams from outside of the province in to compete for provincial titles and spots in national championships, now another top level curler is leaving the province. Regina’s Braeden Moskowy has announced that he is leaving the province to play in Manitoba last year. His departure follows the lead of Pat Simmons who have left the wheat province for greener pastures and perhaps better chances to win. Until these issues can be rectified there may not be an end in sight to Saskatchewan’s winning drought at the Brier.

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