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Riders Add Another Pivot

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today international quarterback Brett Smith has signed with the team. As per club policy, details of the contract were not released.

Smith (6’3 – 206) joins the Riders after spending three seasons at the University of Wyoming (2011-2013). Through his collegiate career the Oregon native completed 751 of 1,212 passes (62.0%) for 8,834 yards and a school record 76 touchdowns, while adding 378 rush attempts for 1,531 yards and 20 touchdowns. He was named the Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year after the 2011 season.

The 22-year-old signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an undrafted free agent in May, 2014 after leaving school early to pursue professional opportunities.

A Twitterpated Top 10 Tuesday:

There has been no shortage of sporting story lines over the last seven days. Instead of shoring my thoughts on all that has been in the world of sports here are some of my favorites from the Twitter universe from the past week.

10 – The latest debacle in Leaf Land is Nazim Kadri sleeping late for a team meeting and being benched for their game last night on Long Island. That prompted this beauty from Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons:

@simmonssteve: This is how it works in Leafland. You get fined and benched for sleeping in. But if you sleepwalk through games, no punishment at all.

9 – While Backstage PTS quipped:

@BackstagePTS: Kadri is also grounded from talking on the phone and playing his video games.

8 – In Riderville a differing opinion of the value of Korey Sheets has emerged after Roughrider Head Coach Corey Chamblin made an appearance on CKRM”s Sportscage with Rod Pedersen. That prompted this tweet from the voice of the Riders:

Good News – Bad News For Saskatchewan Curling?

Another Brier has come and gone and Saskatchewan’s Provincial drought at the men’s national curling championship will reach 36 years in 2016. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t reason to celebrate in the Land of Living Skies.

Moose Javian Pat Simmons led Team Canada to the Brier win, 6-5 over Brad Jacobs and Northern Ontario last night. Simmons with a clutch draw in an extra end was the difference as the two teams traded shots and strategy through 3 hours, despite what the scoreboard may suggest with four blank ends to open the contest.

Saskatchewan’s Steve Laycock was steady throughout the week and in a game that seemingly meant nothing to his opponent he defeated Newfoundland and Labrador’s Brad Gushue for the bronze medal yesterday morning.

Some Of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat: I Swear TSN or Rogers Have A Problem

Another seven days have come and gone. Here in no particular order are some of my rambling thoughts from the week that was.

The end of the scrolling tweet era has come after TSN aired a slanderous tweet directed at Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf, his wife Elisha Cuthbert and Joffrey Lupul. To the TSN staffer that missed it in editing… Oooops!

The corresponding threat to sue the issuer of the tweet and TSN for airing it is intriguing on many levels. To me are the Leafs players not attempting to sue their bosses? Bell owns TSN and Bell is a co-owner of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment the parent company of the Leafs. Wow!

Also wowing me is the reeling that has to be going on a Sportsnet. The NHL right’s holders (Rogers) were crushed in ratings on Trade Deadline Day coverage. Early reports indicated that TSN had a 3-to-1 advantage in viewers for the day as a whole.

Winnipeg’s Stadium Headed To Court

Users of Investors Group Field in Winnipeg have launched a lawsuit to try and recover costs related to deficiencies in the newly constructed stadium.

The Winnipeg Football Club today issued the following in response to the Statement of Claim filed in Court of Queen’s Bench by Triple B Stadium Inc., the owner of Investors Group Field.

Wade Miller, President and CEO of the Winnipeg Football Club said the organization fully supports Triple B and its legal action against Raymond S.C. Wan Architect Inc. and Stuart Olson Construction Ltd.

“While we are extremely disappointed that we have had to deal with continuous and ongoing issues since we became the primary tenant in 2013,” said Miller, “we believe today is an important step forward in attempting to have them resolved.”

A Top 10 Tuesday With A Slash, A Shot At Saskatoon Sports Fans And An All-Time Greatest Blades Team?

Well my mind is cluttered and the best men’s curlers in the game are on the, albeit slanted and uneven, pebbled ice at the Saddledome in Calgary. Hockey Trade Deadline came and went yesterday and the Saskatchewan Roughriders very quietly ushered in a new era.

Here are my top 10 thoughts from all of the above in no particular order!

10 – Was it or wasn’t it a slash? If you watched last night’s game between Ontario and Northern Ontario at the Brier closely you may have caught a “slash” from the front end of Team Jacobs (E.J. Herndon) to Ontario third Matt Camm. (See for yourself by clicking here) Apparently, Northern Ontario was miffed that the Ontarians were keeping their knees on the ice too long after delivering their shots. Knees on the ice affect the surface and can change the ice conditions. Right or wrong I’m not sure. Vote for yourself on the new poll.

9 – Team Jacobs isn’t exactly apologizing for what happened on the ice last night. Issuing this statement after social media blew up and a number of fans accused the reigning Olympic champions of attempting to intimidate their opponents. “Addressing the incident in tonight’s game – something was said to another player who did the same thing (not sure if they heard) then the tap came when it was done again (there was one foot tap, not two – broom never touched the foot in the video posted by CCA & again it was communicated vocally “please get your knees off the ice” ) after the only & original foot tap earlier in the game – it has happened before, it has happened to a few of us and it was not done with any ill intention – it might have been harder than intended since the person was reaching when it happened & an apology was extended for that – the intent was a reminder to not “puddle” the ice surface – not saying what was done was right or wrong as that is for individual interpretation, but it was not done with any aggressive or intimidating intent.”

8 – Saskatoon Will Not Roar!